Love and dont use

As Rue will be 1 next month I thought i would go through the things that i loved and the things i wish i hadnt bought in his first year.

1. Infants Friend. Get it! They are wind drops and if Rue was screaming and couldnt be soothed i gave him a few drops and within 20minutes would poo or fart and go to sleep. Loved it.

2. Dummys. People say they are bad for babies but frankly the sucking motion is really soothing for them and Rue only ever had his to sleep. Not an issue.

3. Play gym. I had assumed i wouldnt need one of these and considered it a waste of money. But when Rue was about 2months old i realised he had nothing to do on the floor and was getting really bored. I went to Target and got a $40 gym and Rue still plays with it (he turns it upside down and plays under it now).


4. Mummy hook. Everyone compliments my mummy hook and i seriously dont know how people live without it. You hang your grocery basket off it as you shop then your bags once you are done.

th41318706852Mummy Hook Shopping Bags (2)

5. Waffle blankets. I found these were the best for wrapping Rue. They were stretchy and the right shape and were about $12 for a pack of 2.

6. Wish i had a capsule. Didn’t see the allure as they could only be used for 6-12months but i can see the appeal now as rear facing car seats are a pain to get kids in and out of.

7. Highchair. We got a top of the line one from the inlaws but frankly its really large and bulky and rue still can hardly see over the tray. A small one would have been better as by the time he is big enough to fit it properly he will be using a kiddy table and chair anyway.

8. Baby shampoo, oil and moisturiser. Never used any of them. I used moo goo baby wash when he was little and now use a few squirts of johnsons baby milk bath. Babies dont generally have enough hair to need shampoo and water is just fine. Rues legs were a little dry for the first few months but is fine now so i have whole bottles of oil and moisturiser im trying to find a use for.

9. Baby shoes. Completely pointless and hard to get on. Just use socks.

10. Baby clothes. Rue was in onesies for his first 4months of life. T-shirts would just ride up on him so we never even used them.

11. Nappies. We used Woolworths brand which were fine. Huggies leak. Then the woolies ones started to leak and we are now on Aldi brand and im loving them. Cheapest by far and loved by mothers of heavy wetters.

12. Baby swimmers. Swimming with a baby isnt advisable unless you live in a really warm climate. Rue has never been and possibly wont for another 6months atleast. Swimming lessons are a waste of money in my opinion until they can follow instructions, at about 2 or 3yrs. (unless you have a pool or live on a property with a dam where they need to know water safety early), a bath is just as good for getting them used to water and much warmer! Most ‘swimming lessons’ for ages 3 and under are just for having fun rather than teaching them to swim.

13. Nasal aspirator. This seems really pointless to me and i never used one some one actually told me that it can irritate the inside of their nose and cause more mucus. Saline spray and a vaporizer work way better to clear stuffy noses.

13. Finally a recent purchase. Sip snap. Slip over any cup rim and turns it into a sippy cup. Takes up way less room in my handbag when we are out and about. Already made converts of some friends who ordered some on their mobile as soon as they saw rue using his.


And a note of gifts. Its really frustrating when people get angry or insulted that you havent used their gift. Folks. I havent used half the things i bought, its not an insult we either didnt get around to it or it wasnt right for our needs. But thanks for the thought!


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