Omg christmas is only 6months away!

i hear some of you groan but i LOVE christmas. I have no idea why people hate it. Just shop online if you dont want to face the mall people!

I love the decorations, i always plan a wrapping theme, i find new christmas music as well as the classics (kylie manogues santa baby). BD doesnt get into it but as we have a toddler this year im not holding back. I will deck the house out like there is no tomorrow! Lights, tinsel, fake foiliage. Maybe even a animated reindeer for the front yard, do i dare lol i made rue a stocking last year but it turned out quite giant so not sure if i will use it or make a smaller one so i dont have to buy as many goodies for inside. Dont want to get his expectations too high first year off the ranks.

Im also acting on some new traditions. A christmas eve box. Rue can open it christmas eve and it contains pajamas, a christmas dvd and or book and snacks. 

When his cousin is older he can come and hang out with his box and we can watch dvds together as a family. We have a tradition at the moment where we buy each other (siblings) a decoration for our tree. It came about when we all moved out of home and realised we had no decorations. 

I also want to wrap presents from santa like they actually came from him. Such a cute idea. Hipefully i can find some santa stamps, otherwise i might have to make them.

One tradition im not getting on board with is elf on a shelf. That thing just creaps me the hell out…



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