Pictures of you

how do you display all of those precious moments? Our baby albums are all those big square ones with sticky pages. These days though its all either pockets or full on scrap booking. I hate the pocket ones, its just photos, no story. But im not into scrapbooking either (anymore). I like to be able to add and take out pictures. So i have hunted around and found that Teds camera store has the sticky ones! With refils because they only come with about 5 pages. So im going to grab one or two. (Future babies want sticky ones too).

Of course i could jump on the poject life bandwagon which i did consider but it has the same peoblem as the pocket ones in that i dont have much control in the layout.

Im also doing a first year book with blurb. Just waiting for his first birthday pictures this weekend to finish it! Im so excited. It has family pictures too so he knows where he came from. Im getting three copies, one each for me, rue and BD. 


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