Sneak peek

Am i the only one who loves looking inside other peoples houses? Im always fascinated by what they have in there, how they live. And i have to admit that i judge people by their houses. Which is funny because i was discussing decorating with a friend recently and we both said that we hope no one judges us on our home because nothing inside is to our taste. both of our partners tell us they hate our taste in furniture but what they dont realise is that the furniture we have is there because it serves a purpose and was affordable. If i had the time and money i would throw out everything i own and redecorate! for example, we currently have a large three seater, brown, puffy recliner and two matching single seaters. I hate them, i actually couldnt think of much worse. BUT. We have them because our old ones were salmon pink leather, or green floral and were so worn out you nearly fell through them. So we needed new ones, i was pregnant, and the ones we got were on sale for half price. Then all of the other furniture is BD’s because at the time i moved in i had just moved out of my own place and sold all my furniture but a bed. So its large, wooden, you get the drift, bachelor furniture. Plus he is a hoarder and if its free he takes it regardless of if we need it or already have one…or 3. Anyway. I went to a friends house recently and noticed a few things. She had nothing on the walls and little else besides some couches. I wondered if this was how she liked it or if she just hadnt got around to doing anything with it (they moved a few months ago). But to me a good home has a mix of old and new. If its all new furniture it looks cold and unlived in. you need to have a few interesting pieces to give the house a story. My mum for example has a china hutch and some interesting knick nacks from her travels but the rest is modern furnishings. As for things on the walls i think you have to have some artwork or photos, right? show who lives there and make the house 3D.

Since going back to work i have been dreaming of what to replace in my own house first. I would love a dining table, something wooden and round but BD refuses to get a round table for some odd reason and im considering turning the dining room into a play room anyway (we never have guests). Next on the list are a bed and a lounge. The bed because his is of the large wooden variety and creaks badly. I would love a nice ornamental one without a foot board, i have something against foot boards. Maybe something like this. Of course BD wants to get a whole bedroom set with bedside tables and a chest of draws but i told him that there is nothing worse than having matchy matchy furniture plus he would refuse to throw out the furniture we already have so would end out with 4 bedside tables…


For the lounge i would love something comfortable in grey with a chase. Issue here is that our lounge room is so badly set out that we have little options in arranging furniture. We have the long wall with the window, a small section of wall between the heater and sliding door opposet the window and the wall the TV is on. which means that we have to sit side on to the TV all the time because if we moved the lounge around you would have to walk around it to get in the room.


Mixing tastes with a partner is the hardest part i think. If only he would give me free reign!


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