Homeward bound

there comes a point where a person says no more. For me this was a few years ago when i decided i just couldnt do share houses anymore. So my sister and i bought a place using the first home owners grant. 3 years later we decided being landlords was worse than share houses so we sold it. Fast forward to today and i have decided that i cant do another winter in this house. Even with the heater running full pelt it only heats one end of the house, rue has his own heater which cant cope when it gets below zero which is most nights. The floors have no insulation so are freezing and the windows are single glazed and offer no insulation at all. 
I have had a gander at the housing market and although i would love to live somewhere off the beaten track where houses are cheaper, you get heaps of land and the house has way more character, i just dont think i can swing it with daycare and my job. So thats a future endevor. Instead im looking at fixer uppers around our area. Something big but run down. I have no issue, and would actually enjoy, renovating. 

Based on the housing market i can see our new home would cost around $380,000 for a 3 bedroom. This would mean at a 5% deposit of $19,000 and stampduty at about $11,000 we would have to save about $30,000, which is more like $35,000 after legal fees. This figure is scary! I have no idea how we can get that but we have to! So its onto the saving wagon for me. 

In the mean time im stocking up on renovation blogs. Do you know a good one?





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