Winning the lotto

what would you do if you won the lotto. Not a small amount but enough to set you up for life. Tonights draw is $60mil. I made a spreadsheet (i get bored easily at work) and only managed to allocate half of it… Then i worked out that on a very reasonable budget of $300,000 a year i can live off the remainder for 97yrs. Thats not bad. What did i spend my winnings on? Well mostly i think the most satisfying part would be setting up family and friends for life. What better gift can you give than not having to worry about paying a mortgage or setting up a study fund for the kids. So a large chunk went to that. Then about $5mil went into long term savings accounts for Rue and our futures. A house of course, several investment properties, a few first class holidays (london and harry potter world in florida are on my bucket list). Then there is $50,000 for random acts of kindness, you know, large tips and random gifts to strangers. 

Would you work? I would quit my current job but i think i would love to do something for fun where you arent in it for the money, maybe a cafe or something. BD said he would have to work occasionally or he would go stir crazy lol but what would you do if you didnt have to worry about paying the bills?

You might be thinking, well sure but who wins to lotto? Well i actually know several people who have won the jackpot! Most were one of several winners so only walked away with a million or so but hey, i can live with that!


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