My little Rue is 13months old and i thought i would do an update on how he is going. I love seeing him learn and work things out everyday. 

He has just learnt to walk and rarely crawls now. 

He can hold two things in one hand and often spends time working out how to make them both fit. He likes putting things on top of shelves and things inside each other.

Tonight he came and got me then opened the recycling bin and pointed at a milk jug. Once i gave it to him he toddled off prowd as punch. He has worked out that i can get things for him that he cant reach!

He decided against using a sleeping bag for bedtime. He would kick and scream when i tried to put it on him so he went without and has been much happier with just a blanket. It amazes me how he just outgrows things before i have time to even try and wean him off them.

He has a tooth! One on the bottom has just poked through. Thank god i thought he would never eat crunchy foods…

He is ‘playing’ alot more. Making car noises as he drives cars around the floor. He interacts with the other kids at daycare, talking to each other and waving toys at each other and getting excited. 

He loves to dance and especially loves the Kmart commercial. He knows how to get on a bike and loves being pushed around.

If he drops something he knows that he needs to look for it, under, around, under his bum haha and he often looks for solutions for reaching things that are out of reach, moving around furniture or climbing on pillows. 

His babbling is sounding more like talking although i still cant understand more than mummy and dad dad. He said milk once but try as i may he wont say it again. 

He can wave and point and loves seeing himself in reflections. And he adores bathtime! 

So heres to you my little wonder, may you grow and learn for many years to come.



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