Photography 365

i have been reading alot online about pro photographers. Mostly a page called clickmoms. The first thing i realised is that EVERYONE had a Nicon or a Canon. I have an Olympus. But im assuming the theory is the same. I have a 48mm lens which seems to be a fave of most of them. Then i found that alot of them started with something called 365. Basically you have to take atleast one picture a day. I could really see alot of improvement by the end of the year for all of them so im giving it a go. 

I actually picked a good time because my sisters baby is due any day and my aunt has agreed to do a trial kids session with me and her 4 and 6yr olds tomorrow night, yikes wish me luck! 

The things i have learnt so far are that i dont have to go into my cameras menu to change the settings, all i have to do is press ‘ok’ and they pop up on the bottom of the screen for easy scrolling.

 I need to investigate the white setting. I found it but not sure how to use it just yet. And i am playing with the multi shutter function where it takes multiple pics a second. 

I have heaps of baby props on their way for my nephew so i hope to get some good practice in taking his pics over the next month or so. Stay tuned for the pics!


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