Feeding the masses

anyone get dreadfully depressed when a favourite, recently found blog stops blogging. I love the InnerPickle blog to bits. She is living my ideal life. Sadly hasnt posted since early last year. Still instagrams thank god. But today i was reading the archive to get my fix and was encouraged by her homemade philosophy again. Her children, like most children, react badly to preservatives and additives. Made me look up the nasty ones and i was suprised by the side effects of them! Asthma, chromosomal damage, headaches, and if course hyperactivity. Pritty scary that these are in everyday foods. Rice crackers are a pritty bad culprit that we feed alot to kids. Ready meals and biscuits are another culprit. The nasties?

  • E102 also known as Tartrazine. Causes asthma, hyperactivity, rashes, chromosome damage and migraines. Banned in Norway and Austria.
  • E110 sunset yellow. Causes gastric upset and allergies and kidney damage.
  • E104 quinolone. Hyperactivity, asthma and rashes. Banned in USA and previously Australia.
  • E211 sodium benzoate. Hyperactivity and asthma.

Really makes you think hey. I try and make as much of rues food as i can but time gets in the way and snacks are often prepackaged. Might have to check the label in some of them when i get home…


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