Where im not pregnant

no really. Several relatives have lately said to me ‘the next one cant be far off’ then look meanfully at my stomach. I would like to set the record straight. Im not pregnant, im fat. I mean seriously, if i was pregnant enough to be obviously showing i would be well past 12weeks and we would have told everyone. We arent trying, we arent even thinking of trying. BD is happy at one, i want another but not for another year or so. I dont want to have to start the baby phase from scratch but i also dont want to be diapering 2 babies and getting up twice as much at night. So another year at the least. 

But seriously, are we still accusing fat women of being two people in 2015. Have people not learnt to not assume?!? My stomach is large because thats how i store fat after having a baby. My abs have given up, and my stomach is now the same dimensions as my boobs. This does not make me pregnant. Please stop staring at my gut. 


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