Fire season

fire season is creaping up on us again. Most people forget this as its also beach and christmas season. I feel alot better about this season than i did the last one. Rue is more self sufficient. I dont have to worry about how im going to get formula or bottles if the house burns down (we live next to a huge nature reserve). This year we have contents insurance, rue can drink and eat what ever he likes. But this is kind of a mixed post. The reason im thinking about this is that i just read my fave finance blog and last year he lost his house to bushfire and commented how a stranger saw him sitting at the bar, in his rural fire uniform having just lost his house and gave him a hug and $100 for food. Because you know what, he may have been financially well off, but right then he had nothing. 

Can you imagine. No clothes, no towels, no food, not even a hairbrush. Nothing. After the queensland floods a few years back another fave blogger retro mummy, got together and made a quilting drive to help those who had lost everything. A small gift maybe, but thats something handmade, something not brandnew bought with insurance money, its a new memory. Its more about the homely touches when you are rebuilding than the material things i think. Fingers crossed we arent in for a bad season, even though its forecast for one 😕


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