well summer is sneaking up fast. This weekend it was a top of 18, next sunday is a top of 31! Im not prepared! I have only just worked out rues heater and layering technique. Now i have to work out how high the heater needs to be to not be too hot when he goes to bed but not too cold when he wakes up. Tonight its too warm on 2 at half temp but mornings have been quite cold so 1 turned it down to 1 at half temp. He is in shorts and a short sleeve top so hopefully he just snuggles with his blanket if it gets chilly. No idea what i will do later in the week when the over night low goes from 5 upto 12! Might have to even abandon the heater and leave the window open. Decisions, decisions. 

Trying to fix the house this year to avoid the scorching heat of summer. Getting blockout curtains installed for one because the metal blinds do nothing but the landlord wont let us take them down. Men. 

I also have a climber on my hands. We had one tumble tonight. Will have to keep a close watch on him to make sure he doesnt climb too high. You can see BDs hand in the first pic ready to catch him. He is so darn proud when he stands up though that i can help but smile with him. 



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