Things to tell a new mum

there are lots of things people dont tell you about being a mum. Here is a list of things i learnt or do:

  1. Woolies deliveries are a god send when you have to do a big grocery shop or have heavy items. Helps you stick to a list and a budget too.
  2. Pick a day of the week to cook up big batches and dont be afraid to give your kids toast for dinner occasionally.
  3. Its ok for them to go to bed in their clothes. Pajamas are just clothes after all.
  4. They will eventually go to sleep so you may as well make use of the time you have to be awake at 11pm by watching that show your partner hates.
  5. Cleaning can wait. If you are tired, the laundry does not have to go on today.
  6. If your kid brings you a book. Stop what you are doing and read to them. This goes for toys too. There will be time for tv and facebook later. 
  7. Make your kids like shows you can stand to watch 100 times. Rue likes Stepford Wives, River cottage Australia and The Cleveland show. 
  8. No one cares if they wear odd socks. Or pajamas to daycare. They are kids, no point fighting with them if they dont want to get changed. (School aged children are another matter)
  9. Try not to be precious about posessions/ clothes. They wont last forever anyway. If they get dirty or stained just shrug and move on. This saves alot of stress, trust me. 
  10. You can offer them the best food in the world, that doesnt mean they will eat it. Do your best and if you try three things and they refuse, hey, a biscuit is food. 

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