Erin condren year 2

It’s no secret that i love these planners. I just recieved my new one in the mail yesterday and have noticed a few things already. The first is that the paper quality is thinner. The second is they removed the notes section from the monthly pages which is annoying beause i bought stickers especially for that area.

The next is that i know alot of people complained about ink marks on the paper and sent them back. I checked and i have them too but seriously people who cares. 

I ordered a pen holder this year because they dont clip on well the the spiral.

I have also ordered a heap more stickers and even my first set of washi tape ( no one sells it near me). People have also been complaining about the colors but again i dont care about that at all. Seriously who goes oh i dont like decembers colors so i wont buy it. 

Now to start the long process of transfering everything into it. Yay!


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