i actually love gardening but i dont have the time or money to do it usually. Plus we live in a rental so are limited in what i can do. But that didnt stop me re designing the front garden.

I tried to use drought tollerant natives as its a rental i needed to keep maintenance low. In order to do this i would have to rip out the horrid spikey bushes that are already there. I would make a path to the tap (on the right) using wood because as it is i have to walk over the tanbark through the spikey bushes. I would use large rocks as features like in Japanese design and a raised planted pot to add height. 

Ground cover would feature alot to fill in space but still give the feeling of openness. 


There is a path up the middle that kind of leads up the wall to the letterbox. At the moment its brick and not wide enough. I would make it crazy stone (not clean cut) but close together and add a stone step as the wall is slightly too high to step up comfortably. The large bush next to it has to stay as its a privacy screen so the planting around it needs to match but i havent got that far yet. I went for purples and grasses which will stay colorful year round rather than turning to twig bushes like the ones there now. 

 What do you think? I would love to have my own home to make doing gardening more rewarding. Oh well. One day.


One thought on “Garden

  1. No reason why you can’t have a go at improving the garden, even if its a rental. I live in a rental and I do, largely, what I want with only certain restrictions.
    The key thing is to ask your landlord if you can and, if yes, what your limitations are ahead of time… Then keep all costs to an absolute minimum!!!
    I like your ideas for the garden though! Good luck.

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