New year new me?

i realised when i was on holiday that im pritty out of whack. Since becoming mum i dont do alot for me. Yesterday during nap time i turned off the tv, lit an oil burner and listened to some spa music and it was lovely! I fogot how relaxing not having the tv on is. So not only am i working on a super strict budget (more on that to come) but im budgeting pampering and me things. 

First up are some lavender and pepermint oils which i heard smell like a day spa together. Then booking in a pedicure during my lunch break and penciling in a few gym trips because my body is totally out of sync. There are bits bulging out everywhere. Also on the cards may be a haircut, a massage, maybe some new clothes. Just things i have been forgetting to set aside time to do.

What have you been forgetting? 


2 thoughts on “New year new me?

  1. OMG, I can so relate this post!!! Having been at the bottom of my own priority list for so long, I decided that 2016 brought along the opportunity to do something about it. For the first time in my life, I have religiously brushed my teeth twice a day, washed my face with a proper product twice a day (not just a face wipe), applied eye cream and moisturiser twice a day and have also been taking a multivitamin once a day. Not exactly life changing stuff, but I just feel better knowing that I am putting the effort into… me. Next week is about addressing my horrendous diet. One step at a time x

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