5 and 10 year plans

i do this alot. It helps me stay motivatedand  helps me see what hardwork can get me. I usually dont stick to it but i have discovered the trick is to make it easily achieveable. Be realistic. Things are going to come up, bills, medical problems, car peoblems. They happen. So here is my 5 and 10year plan. Alot of these are dependant on alot of variables but by breaking it down i at lease have a guide.

Then i went back and worked out both the monthly and fortnightly amount i would have to put towards each goal to see if it is achieveable. 

Now obviously we would like to have a house before year 8 but it depends on how the rest works out. Will we get a tax return we can put towards it? Will rue need braces in that time? Will a car break down? Will we win the lotto? Will we have another child or a wedding to plan for? You never know! But atleast i have a clear outlook on what is ahead. After the first year i can revisit it and update the goals. 

If you want to go further you can join this with your budget and work out how much expendible income you actually have each month. I think mine worked out to be about $300 which for most of these it should cover but later on i will need more but i will also hopefully have less expenditure. And the wheels keep spinning lol 



you know those times everything hits you at once and you wonder why you didnt plan ahead for times like these? Thats me this pay. I accidentily missed a phone payment over christmas and now i am overdue as i then got a double bill. Then i was finally approved to attend my course which gave me a week to pay the $430 course fee. Homestly why would they only give you a week?!? Then i realised the interest came off my credit card before i thought it would and is now over drawn, thats another $140 this pay! Deep breaths. Not to mention rue had a fever over the weekend and we realised our third thermometer in one year is broken. Thats another $60 this fortnight i dont have money for. 

Whats my plan? 

  • I paid half the phone bill last pay and the other half (overdue) will be this pay
  • Can afford half the class fees and will have to pay the other half (then overdue) next pay.
  • Creditcard has to be paid this pay.
  • Thermometer has to be purchases too. Babies health comes first.
  • Oh and have three weddings coming up in the next two months. New dress will just have to wait! 

This leaves me with a tight budget of $100 for food. Hello pasta bake. And with a transfer of my last $80 from my savings ill have a contingency of $100 for the rest of the fortnight.

This especially sucks because this weekend is the long awaited lifeline book fair which i budgeted $70 for but will now have to be under $20. Yes im still going, its only on twice a year and to get books at 50c – $2 saves me a fortune over the year. Fingers crossed i can get what i need within my budget.

Next pay wont be as bad, the second half of the course fees and possibly another phone bill then i should be free and clear of the biggies and get back on track topping up my savings and paying off those creditcards!!! 

I also cancelled a $30 monthly payment which i know isnt much but the less i pay in bills the more i can save. 

Deep breaths and tighten those belt buckles ladies! 


i rushed to get my raised vegie bed set up and planted in december. Canberra has such a narrow growing window  because the winters are so harsh. Unfortunatley we have had buckets of rain and cold weather since then that the only things that have come up are two corn stems and what i think is a tomato vine. Hoping if we get some good hot weather in the next two weeks i might be able to plant again and get some carrots before the frost hits it. Fingers crossed!