5 and 10 year plans

i do this alot. It helps me stay motivatedand  helps me see what hardwork can get me. I usually dont stick to it but i have discovered the trick is to make it easily achieveable. Be realistic. Things are going to come up, bills, medical problems, car peoblems. They happen. So here is my 5 and 10year plan. Alot of these are dependant on alot of variables but by breaking it down i at lease have a guide.

Then i went back and worked out both the monthly and fortnightly amount i would have to put towards each goal to see if it is achieveable. 

Now obviously we would like to have a house before year 8 but it depends on how the rest works out. Will we get a tax return we can put towards it? Will rue need braces in that time? Will a car break down? Will we win the lotto? Will we have another child or a wedding to plan for? You never know! But atleast i have a clear outlook on what is ahead. After the first year i can revisit it and update the goals. 

If you want to go further you can join this with your budget and work out how much expendible income you actually have each month. I think mine worked out to be about $300 which for most of these it should cover but later on i will need more but i will also hopefully have less expenditure. And the wheels keep spinning lol 


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