Felt play

i have been looking at making more activities that rue can play with on his own. As a kid we had felt boards, a day one and a night one and i loved them. So i decided to update the concept and this is what it turned out like.


1/2m felt ($12m)

Canvas ($5 from the local cheap shop)

Hot glue gun (already had but one they cost about $10)

Spray glue (optional)

Spray the canvas with the glue then lay it face down on the felt. Pull edges around and hot glue them to the back of the frame. Thats it! Took me around 10mins. (Sorry for the crappy photo i took it after i made it)

I had great fun making different sets of felt shapes. I put each set into a large ziplock baggie to keep them together. The felt for these cost about $1.30 a sheet at the craft store or a packet of 4 for $2.99 from the cheap shop.

Mr potato and alian heads. These are just bodies with eyes, noses and mouths you can mix and match.

The shapes are just free cut, ie i didnt draw them on first. Then hot glued together with some boggle eyes. 

 He has the right idea but still needs supervision for this as he likes to throw them around more than stick them on. I give it a few months before he can play on his own with them. 

Next up are some story sets:



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