Toilet training

so not ready for it! But i have heard some parents have started so i thought i should at least have some things ready, because it is coming whether i like it or not. Im concious that i have never done this part of parenting before so i need to work out what i actually need in my ‘kit’. Heres what i came up with:

  • Padded seat with wee shield (a must for boys i think) $15  
  • Potty $14 

I want to point out that emptying a potty really grosses me out. So the next item im hoping rue uses and i wont need the potty.

  • Bambino step with seat $40  
  • 14 pairs of undies $24  

I was actually annoyed to find that undies only come in sizes 2> Rue is size 0-1 on bottoms so this is going to be an issue. I actually prefer the little shorties style but they only come in size 5>. Gyped. 

Then depending on when i start he will need more sheets and a mattress protector either single or cot size. I also think some puppy pee pads are a good idea for around the toilet, potty and under his sheets. Catch the drips lol

I tried to find some training undies with absorbancy but they didnt have any. Of course depending on how he goes i may not need them. Fingers crossed he is one of those kids who trains in a week haha 



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