i have been reading alot about our generation latley. You know, im a Y or a millenial depending on who you believe. We are entitled and cant save. Well when you think about it it has little to do with being lazy. Our parents generation saved for a year, bought a house and bobs your uncle. For our generation to buy a house we need a 10% deposit with average house prices at $600,000 to a million thats more than a years wages for me! Actually if i want to buy in sydney im looking at a $80k deposit on a 2bed home which is a full two years wages! If you consider that most economists say to save 20% of your take home pay it will take me just under 9yrs to save a deposit…yep. 

But when you think about it its not even our fault. There are alot of things that changed for our generation. We were essentially kicked out of home between 18-20yrs old. Most of us at this time are still on min wages or at university which we were told we had to do at a $80,000 debt for a job we may or may not get at the end. I had been working for about 3yrs, and was pulling in about $700 a fortnight when i moved out. At what point were we meant to get savings? We went straight from school to the ‘real world’. Our parents generation often stayed at home until they were married or skipped uni and worked their way up the old fashioned way saving themselves years of part time wages while studying and a HECS debt. 

Im not saying it was wrong but i think we need to take a whole new view for our childrens sake. Rue’s generation doesnt have a name yet. But i know that if things dont change soon there is no chance of him owning a house, at all. In my opinion the pholosophy of going to uni straight from school is ridiculious. You have no idea what you want to do with your life at that age so save yourself the time and money and wait to see if you even need to go. Secondly i will not presure him to move out at all. I will encourage and show him how to balance a budget and save money so that he can live within his means. Once im sure he has the hang of it he can move and make is own decisions but at least i will know he has a nest egg and a plan. 

The most important thing we need to instill on this generation is that debt is not normal! You need to live a balanced life and plan ahead to achieve your goals. Teach them how much food costs, how much electricity costs vs usage and ways to reduce costs. Teach them what we had to learn the hard and long way and are still paying for today. 


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