Why i get my groceries delivered – and it has nothing to do with being lazy

with the age of deivery upon us i was hesitant to go to home delivery for groceries. Isnt that terribly lazy, i thought. Well along came Rue and still i went to the supermarket, basket draging along begind the pram, only buying enough to last a few days so that i could carry it into the house in one hand with a baby in the other.

The first time i got it delivered i couldnt belive i hadnt done it before. It was so easy, one click and poof groceries in your house. I still went to the shop after that but now i would say i get it delivered once in every 4 trips. And heres why you should too:

  1. If you need to do a big shop of bulky items it saves your back alot of hardship to get it delivered.
  2. You can work off a list, adding things as you need them over the week and not forget anything.
  3. You can see at a glance which is the cheaper option.
  4. You can buy in bulk without the added weight and space in your basket.
  5. You can menu plan from home checking cupboards as you go.
  6. Sales are searchable. I always check the half price sales for any staples before ordering often saving $50 each time i shop.
  7. Delivery of an order over $100 is only $6 which is way less than the extras i would buy if i was at the shop. 
  8. The website reminds you of past purchases and asks you if you want to order them (good for things you forget).
  9. It adds up your order as you go so you can stick to a budget and adjust as needed.
  10. You dont get tempted to throw chips and magazines in the basket!

Getting it delivered has saved me so much time and money, not to mention stress when you get home and realise you forgot what you went for in the first place 😝 and for $6 i think thats alot to be thankful for. 


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