How i clean

so i work full time, have a 2yr old and a partner who doesnt cook or clean often (his ex girlfriends didnt work so they cleaned while he worked, im breaking him of this habit slowly). I dont enjoy cleaning but i do enjoy a clean house. So this is how it happens.

5pm – i get home from work. It generally takes about 30mins to settle me and rue in.

5:30pm – start dinner. I can cook almost anything in 30mins.

6pm – eat dinner.

6:30pm – family time. Can also include bath and shower time. Note: i clean the shower while im in the shower. Saves time.

7pm – partner and rue both go to bed (partner starts work at 2am). This is where my cleaning starts. I dont even try before they are in bed as they get in the way and just create more mess. 

I start with the most important tasks so if i get tired i can go to bed early. 

First up i stack the dishwasher and set it to wash. Then i wipe down the benches and take out the rubbish. I have my own cleaner, recipe at the end of the post. This takes about 20-30mins. Once the kitchen is clean i set the oil burner and make a cup of tea. I need to use an oil burner as i have two smelly boys and two smelly indoor dogs to combat.

 Then while the kettle is boiling i take last nights washing out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer then put another load in to wash. (In summer i do this straight after work so i can put it on to dry before bed and stop it going smelly).

Then i sit down with my tea and watch some tv. Once my tea is done i do a quick pick up of rubbish and toys from the floor. This is sometimes a quick tidy and sometimes a through cleaning depending on my mood. 

At this point its about 8:30pm and i do one of three things.

  1. I go to bed.
  2. I watch tv.
  3. I pick a job to do

I generally go to bed between 9-10pm. So occasinally if im feeling awake and there isnt much on tv ill pick an extra job to do. This can be folding laundry, organising a junk draw, re arranging rues toys, cleaning under furniture, vacuming, washing couch covers. 

Cleaning this way tends to mean that each day i get my essential chores done and keep the house running while keeping my sanity. Extra things like cleaning floors, bathroom, toilet and changing sheets get done on a Friday when i dont work, during rues nap time. 

Sundays are for cooking snacks for the week ahead. No cleaning besides essentials on Saturday, this is family day.

And thats it. Its basic but it means that i get through things steadily. When my partner does clean he is a do it properly  kinda guy which is helpful once a month or so as it stays clean longer 😝

Homemade cleaner:

In a spray bottle mix

1 tsp bicarb soda mixed with a little warm water to disolve it.

1/2 cup vinegar (add slowly to prevent volcano)

A few drops of Castile or dish soap.

Fill with cold water. I also like to add a few drops of eycalyptus oil for scent. 

This stuff will clean almost anything and the vinegar is antibacterial. Works on benchtops, hotplates, kids tables, bathroom. 



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