Building a home and advice

i have been looking at house plans at work and when ever someone catches me at it they sit down and pitch in. I love it. It helps to get more than one opinion and they may spot something you forgot. But alot of the advice is to make it bigger. Make sure you have two bathrooms, make it bigger so you dont have to add to it later etc. the problem with todays society is that we want bigger and better than the jones. But then we compain that houses cost too much and how can we ever afford one. People forget that 50-100 years ago houses were smaller there by cheaper! When i sat down and thought about how i use my house and other houses i have lived in there have been a few trends that stand out.

 I grew up in a family of 4 (3 girls) and one bathroom. We never needed it at the same time. Ever. We did our hair in our bedrooms, we all got up at different times. So why would i build an ensuite for my 3 person family?? My three pet hates are small laundrys, bedrooms and pantrys. Personal belongings should be stored in your bedroom so they dont clutter up the house. My current house dosnt even have built in wardrobes! Pantrys have gotten smaller or non existant (last two houses havent even had one). This forces us to go to the shops more. Who else shops every two days or so? Yet most master bedrooms have walk in robes? Why not condense your clothes to ones you actually wear (i personally have about a weeks worth i cycle through the rest just sits in draws), and fill our pantrys when things are on sale so we stop relying on the shops.

Then i see houses with two even three living spaces? Seriously? Then you have to heat and cool three rooms, you have three tvs running, you have to clean three rooms and you never interact. Why not all sit in the same room. Is that so hard?! I dont need a massive kitchen, only one dinner is made at a time, i need no more space than it takes me to turn around. I do need a big laundry, i need space to fold and stack clothes rather than the floor and a space to store cleaning supplies like mops.

So think about what you actually use in your home. Do you need two bathrooms, two loungerooms, a walk in robe?