Rasin toast

little man has been sick the last few days which means im home with him. Its an odd thing. I dont feel bad about calling in sick because they manage just fine without me. But i do feel like i am being judged on just how sick he is. I get the feeling that people are looking at me and thinking im just using him as an excuse not to go to work. Society makes parents feel like they have to suck it up and make their kids go to school/ daycare. Where as to me the point of being a parent is to be there when your kids need you whether its a cold or a chest infection. There shouldnt be a ‘sick enough’ there should just be acceptance that i feel the need to take time to care for my child. 

So today i took time to bake and make him healthy food so that i know i am helping him get better. On the menu was homemade chicken nuggets and raisin bread (he ended out eating two croissants and 2 slices of cheese, oh well). And a few minutes for mummy to relax after a few long nights with a fresh pot of chai.




Thrifty cleaning cloths

this started as a way of reducing waste and saving money but then i realised these actually clean way better than any store bought sponge or cloth. Its like cleaning and buffing at the same time and they are almost free! 

Basically you cut an old towel up into squares removing the edge binding (too hard to sew through). Then Find some cotton in your stash or cut up some old sheets. Match them together right sides and sew around them leaving a gap to turn it back through.

Turn right side out and sew the gap closed. Done! About 5mins a cloth. I added a loop to one incase i want to hang it in the bathroom or something. 

You get about 18 per towel. These are great for glass, the fridge, the car. They are great for cleaning the inside of your car windscreen as my partner told me that windex isnt good when you have condensation. Turns out this is true and the best thing to clean them with is either news paper or a towel. Then when your done just throw them in the wash and use again and again. If you want to get fancy you can top stitch but i broke my needle twice trying to do it so now i just leave them as they are.



tonight im getting back to basics and doing a little homemaking. Whats up? Laundry liquid. Works out to about $2 for 6months worth! And it smells like my grandmothers laundry mmmm. 

1 cup grated pure soap or soap flakes

1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup washing soda

All available from the supermarket. Melt the soap in 1.5L of water on the stove and add borax and soda. Stir until combined then add to a bucket of 8L of water. Stir and decant into smaller jars. Done! Use 1Tbls per load.  

Note: i learnt the hard way, dont add the soda to boiling water. Add them all at the start then monitor it closley or it will bubble over and make a huge mess. I may have broken the stove top…

Homestead- why?

we have started to talk about moving as when rather than if which is exciting. We have had a few clashes when he said he didnt care about interior design then ruled out my design. Apparently he likes simple things like white vanities in the bathroom which i absolutley hate white and prefer wood.

The other thing we briefly talked about (he never wants to talk about it, like it will just materialise) is what we would actually do with a farm. We have 100acres we need more than a few garden beds. I want chickens for sure. Then what? I have no idea how to look after livestock. My family are in sheep so we can get some of those easily, probably for eating as we dont know how to sheer. Cows? Pigs? What do you actually do with them? Then i thought maybe a milk cow. Fresh milk, but that also means we have to have someone milk her if we are away, and keep her in calf which means a bull too. 

The whole idea is actually really terrifying to me. But its something i have always wanted so i am just shoving the terror away and gripping the idea of being a farmer instead. 

So why do it at all? Well i hate the idea that as a society we have become 100% reliant on shops to keep us alive. Think about it, food, clothing, power, water. Everything is suplied by someone else. Why not have some self reliance so that we dont have to pay through the teeth just to live? Is it so hard to live off watertanks, or grow your own food? Really i dont think it can be that hard to practice a little self reliance so that i dont have to work in an office until im 60 just to afford to live. 

Im starting to practice this at home. I dug out this garden bed last weekend it will house pumpkins and potatoes amoung other things. Heres to feeding yourself! 


No groceries

im considering doing another no grocery fortnight next week. Why? Well consider what is in your home already. I bet you can find ingredients for at least 14 dinners, breakfasts and lunches. Its not as hard as it sounds. If you make one leftover from each dinner thats lunch the next day sorted. Weetbix or toast for breakfast. 

So really its only dinner you need to think about. Have rice, garlic, egg and soysauce? Why not make fried rice? Have vegies and pasta, make a stirfry. I know i have several tins if spaghetti, baked beans and stew in the cupboard, thats another 5 meals. Left over frozen things, we all have them. Chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, what ever that triangle thing is. I have polenta, potatoes, cream, mayonaise, cheese, ham, puff pastry. There are so many meals i can make. Potato salad, eggy noodles, pasta bake, quensaladas (a wrap smeared with tuna and cream cheese toasted both sides), leftover bolognaise toasted sandwich, pancakes, homemade pizza, dahl….get the idea? 

Sit down for 20mins in your pantry and organise ingredients into meals. Use baskets if that helps. Write them all down. You would be shocked at how many you come up with. My sister and i used to play “what can i make” by pulling out edible things from the pantry and just inventing dinner from them. I heard one woman and her husband were saving for a house and had rice with garlic and beans for lunch every day! Worked out at about 4c a meal lol

Ever got home from the shop and had no where to put the groceries because the ’empty’ cupboard was actually still full of food. 

And you know what, i can save $200 – $300 by not buying groceries. Thats a huge boost to savings  even if you still buy milk (and make your own bread its about 40c a loaf).