tonight im getting back to basics and doing a little homemaking. Whats up? Laundry liquid. Works out to about $2 for 6months worth! And it smells like my grandmothers laundry mmmm. 

1 cup grated pure soap or soap flakes

1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup washing soda

All available from the supermarket. Melt the soap in 1.5L of water on the stove and add borax and soda. Stir until combined then add to a bucket of 8L of water. Stir and decant into smaller jars. Done! Use 1Tbls per load.  

Note: i learnt the hard way, dont add the soda to boiling water. Add them all at the start then monitor it closley or it will bubble over and make a huge mess. I may have broken the stove top…


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