Rasin toast

little man has been sick the last few days which means im home with him. Its an odd thing. I dont feel bad about calling in sick because they manage just fine without me. But i do feel like i am being judged on just how sick he is. I get the feeling that people are looking at me and thinking im just using him as an excuse not to go to work. Society makes parents feel like they have to suck it up and make their kids go to school/ daycare. Where as to me the point of being a parent is to be there when your kids need you whether its a cold or a chest infection. There shouldnt be a ‘sick enough’ there should just be acceptance that i feel the need to take time to care for my child. 

So today i took time to bake and make him healthy food so that i know i am helping him get better. On the menu was homemade chicken nuggets and raisin bread (he ended out eating two croissants and 2 slices of cheese, oh well). And a few minutes for mummy to relax after a few long nights with a fresh pot of chai.




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