so its no secret that i hate my job, alot. In 17months im up for long service leave which means not only have i stuck this out for 10years but i get 3months paid leave.

This means i can finally leave my job and not loose out on all that hard slog. But in order for me to do that i will take a pay cut to where ever i choose to work next. I have started preparing now for what i need to do to make it work:

  1. Pay off any debt i have, this reduces my monthly expenses by about $300.
  2. End lease on car and get modest $5000 car to replace it.
  3. Have enough savings to see me through 3months incase the new job doesnt work out.
  4. Have a house deposit

This may seem simple but they are all high cost items. If i start now im really hoping i wont have to work past my long service leave. It would be soul crushing to have to stay just for the money 😣 


Self defence

alot of the prepping websites i read encourage guns for self defence. I think statistics speak against this because you are more likley to shoot a family member, yourself or have the asailant take the gun off you and shoot you. Not the best plan. In Australia we cant have peper spray or tazers so we have to get creative. Here is my list of weapons better than a gun:

  1. Knife. Ordinary kitchen knife, they are in every home, you can have many of them and they do alot of damage. Can be thrown or weilded irrationally in a crazy slashing fashion.
  2. Vinegar. Works like pepper spray, just throw and run. Also good for cleaning up after.
  3. Bow and arrow, can go long range and you can reuse the arrows, great for hunting, not many people know how to use one so less chance of them using it against you, silent, you dont need a licence, really hard to shoot yourself, kids cant draw it so no accidents.
  4. Frying pan, no joke, a bonk on the head and you can kill someone, also handy for cooking.
  5. Box cutter, can lay a person open down to the bone with just 1/4inch of the blade out. Can be consealed in your hand with only the blade protuding. 

There you go. No need for guns, ever. 



im burnt out. Well and truley. Im tired 10mins after i get out of bed. The last 4 weekends my man has been out helping friends with things, now he is back to driving and only home for a few hours after i leave for work. I have cooked, cleaned and gardened and mostly worked on the budget. Im just exhausted thinking about it, it seems never ending. Normally this is when i would say i need a holiday but im broke and i dont know how relaxing it would be anyway. Bad news is its not going to get easier any time soon. The man is about to go to Queensland for a week for a wedding and this weekend he is busy again. 

I do have a week off between the public holidays in about a week which will give me a breather but right now im at that point where thinking about it im nearly in tears. I just need to work out something to get me out of the funk i think. Something to give me time to take a deep breath and get out of the day to day. I used to do a friday ‘date’ with rue where we would go do something fun but i have just been too broke to do it since april! 

So, any ideas? What do you do when you get burnt out?  This little guy both helps and hinders my relaxation ☺️


Monthly grocery shopping

i have made the leap to monthly grocery shopping. Why? Because i found at the end of the fortnight i still had plenty of food left and with a bit of extra thought i knew i could stretch each shop further. 

Budget: $250

You might think no way. Family of three on $250 a month?!? No really it is achieveable. This month was my first in the challenge and i came in as follows:

Groceries: $230

Meat: $60

Nappies: $30

The reasons i went over were that we happened to be very low on nappies and i wanted to stock up. Normally this would only cost $11. Secondly i bought more meat than i needed because i didnt have my list on me. One whole tray of chicken turned out to be rancid so it turned out to be lucky i bought two. This budget also allowed for some stockpiling. When an item is on sale i get two or more. So even though i went over i actually saved money on ky next shop because i will have things left over from this one.

Why am i doing this? If you make yourself a budget you can clearly see that for most of us food is a huge money sap. We need it, but we buy way too much of it then eat it all at once. I started by printing off a calender and writing in dinners for each night with a grocery list beside it. At the bottom i included a section for what meals i would make in advance and freeze. 

It was suprisingly simple and i found that alot of meals could coincide for one cooking. Ie nachos one night and chilli with cornbread the next. Both use the same chilli con carne recipe so i can make one batch and have it for both meals. 

What about stockpiling? For me i look for the items that keep a long time, can be used for a range of meals, you are guaranteed to use, and are on sale. Pasta, sauces, toiletpaper, shampoo, lentals, rice, salt, sugar, flour, breakfast cerial. I also get extra medication like panadol incase im struck with a headache and dont want to leave the house to get painkillers. Very handy if like last weekend you get flooded in and cant leave the house for a few days. 

Think about what you need. Think about what you use often.