im burnt out. Well and truley. Im tired 10mins after i get out of bed. The last 4 weekends my man has been out helping friends with things, now he is back to driving and only home for a few hours after i leave for work. I have cooked, cleaned and gardened and mostly worked on the budget. Im just exhausted thinking about it, it seems never ending. Normally this is when i would say i need a holiday but im broke and i dont know how relaxing it would be anyway. Bad news is its not going to get easier any time soon. The man is about to go to Queensland for a week for a wedding and this weekend he is busy again. 

I do have a week off between the public holidays in about a week which will give me a breather but right now im at that point where thinking about it im nearly in tears. I just need to work out something to get me out of the funk i think. Something to give me time to take a deep breath and get out of the day to day. I used to do a friday ‘date’ with rue where we would go do something fun but i have just been too broke to do it since april! 

So, any ideas? What do you do when you get burnt out?  This little guy both helps and hinders my relaxation ☺️



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