Self defence

alot of the prepping websites i read encourage guns for self defence. I think statistics speak against this because you are more likley to shoot a family member, yourself or have the asailant take the gun off you and shoot you. Not the best plan. In Australia we cant have peper spray or tazers so we have to get creative. Here is my list of weapons better than a gun:

  1. Knife. Ordinary kitchen knife, they are in every home, you can have many of them and they do alot of damage. Can be thrown or weilded irrationally in a crazy slashing fashion.
  2. Vinegar. Works like pepper spray, just throw and run. Also good for cleaning up after.
  3. Bow and arrow, can go long range and you can reuse the arrows, great for hunting, not many people know how to use one so less chance of them using it against you, silent, you dont need a licence, really hard to shoot yourself, kids cant draw it so no accidents.
  4. Frying pan, no joke, a bonk on the head and you can kill someone, also handy for cooking.
  5. Box cutter, can lay a person open down to the bone with just 1/4inch of the blade out. Can be consealed in your hand with only the blade protuding. 

There you go. No need for guns, ever. 



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