Single parent

no, im technically not a single parent but as my partner is only home one day a week it often feels that way. So here are my top tips to being a single parent (most of the time):

  1. Batch cook. You never know when something will crop up or your kid will throw a fit so cook in bulk and eat easy during the week.
  2. Have many snacks on hand. This comes back to batch cooking, muffins and cookies can be healthy dinners if you make them yourself.
  3. Teach your child to be self sufficient. As i was running out the house this morning i looked down and realised i had forgotten to put rues shoes on, thabkfully he had put his boots on himself.
  4. Keep spares in the car. Shoes, for when you forget them, changes of clothes for when you get to daycare and realise how dirty your kids clothes are. 
  5. Odd socks are fine
  6. Have some activities on hand for crazy times. These are things you can pull out and guarantee you a few minutes to wash the dishes. (Water frozen in a bowl, add salt and watercolors) 
  7. When sanity disolves, get out of the house. Take the kids for a walk or just go for a drive to drivethrough. A change of scenery clears the crazies.