Waste not

I have jumped.on the nowaste bandwagon. Why? I noticed that in our home of just one adult and a 3yr old during the week and 2adults on a weekend im filling the kitchen bin nearly daily and the wheelie bins are full every week. How on earth are we using so much?!? Then i heard that plastic, never breaks down. The first plastic ever made is still on this earth somewhere. People may ask wgere it is and the answer is you are standing on it. When plastic crumbles it breaks down into small pieces that just sit in the earth. That dirt under your feet is part plastic. 

So i sat down and thought about what i was bringing into the house and in just one day i was horrified to realise just how much of it was single use plastic, grocery bags, produce bags, packaging, lunch drinks a bag of mushrooms. Even when i tried not buying bags everything i bought came in its own packaging. How on earth did we get this bad?! I believe that what happened was this. We devised to give ourselves more time, single use means no washing up, packaging means fresh for longer, less washing. But now that we live ina technological world we actaully have too much time and are struggling to understand why we dont feel forfilled. We go to work, come home and the house does all the work for us, cleans our dishes, cooks, freezes food, washes clothes and drys them. We dont need everything to be time saving now. We can use glass and metal dishes and put them in the dishwasher, no time lost, we can actually save time by using glass to bake then put straight in the fridge then into the microwave. Cleaning up is faster without waste because there is less to pick up, no packaging to throw out, no boxes to stomp into the bin. Our plastic lunchboxes used to be metal but the metal shortage after the war made plastic a better option. Not any more!

After watching several videos on youtube i realisd there are alternatives to most of it. They also opened my eyes to the fact that alot of things we buy can actually be made with no harsh chemicles. Did you know that the best makeup remover you can use, is coconut oil. Thats it. Just a piece of cloth and some oil. Store bought makeup remover contains a chemicle that can leave you blind if it gets in your eyes, a product made for use around your eyes can make you blind! Doesnt make much sense does it. 

So im going to be writing a series of posts explaining what i am switching too and why its better for you and our world. You might just save money too 😃