I started this blog as a way to track my experience trying to have my first child. As a fluke I fell pregnant just a few weeks later! So now I have this lasting record of my journey from single gal to mother and beyond!

Im a Canberra girl with a truck driving partner, two pugs and way too much fabric laying around the house. No, really, its taking over. Luckily i love to sew so it does slowly get used up. We currently rent as most young families do but are hoping to break into the property market soon. I guess this blog is my journey from young girl to family woman. With pugs.

I have a deep love of handmade and think we rely on the shops too much in todays society. Making things from scratch excites me and the idea of having my own vegie garden makes me unnaturally happy. Perhaps its having a truckie as a partner with him filling my head with the idea that if trucks went on strike the supermakets would be empty within 3days, scary thought hey. I love the idea of make do and mend, and growing for victory. Heck i planted pumpkins in my front yard!


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