i just read a story about a woman who didnt spend any money for a year and saved $37,000. Im not saying i could do that because i have a family but the idea has intregued me enough to start a mini challenge. Can i go a year without spending money on things i dont NEED? I made a quick list of things i buy that i dont need and how much they are costing me a month:

  1. Coke zero. One bottle a day 4 days a week = $44 a month
  2. Breakfast 4 days a week = $76 a month
  3. Lotto ticket once a week = $24
  4. Extra groceries about = $400 
  5. Movie channel = $20
  6. Excess data on my phone = $50

If i saved just this i would have $614 a month or $7368 a year extra! Then there are the things i buy rueben that he doesnt need, new gadgets and magazines. I think i could save atleast $20,000 this year by not buying things that arent absolutley essential. 

Anyone up for a challenge?? 


Felted playscape

i tought myself a new skill today. Felting! I got a kit with needles, roving and a foam board for $10 on ebay. The. Watched a few youtubes.

Heres a brief turorial on it.

Gently pull off lengths of roving ( roving is combed wool) and lay out onto a piece of bubble wrap (or you can needle felt it first like i did just to hold it all together). Build up layers, about three, of your chosen colors and design. I went for a field with a lake.

Then you can wet felt it! Squirt some dish liquid over the top. Then pour a little boiling or very hot water to cover it. (Not too wet). Then cover with more bubble wrap (or plastic like me). 

Gently press and work circles over the surface. You dont need much agitation to felt it especially at first as you might seporate your design.

Then cover with a towel and gently roll squeezing out excess water. Roll it between your hands back and forward a few times to continue felting. 

If you are using bubble wrap make sure he bubbles are on the felt this helps agitate it. Then remove your feted mat and rinse carefully in cold water pressing any excess water out. Then, put it in the dryer. This might seem odd but the heat and motion finishes the felting. 

This is it out of the dryer. Dont forget it will shrink. 

You can add more if you like, mine was a little thin in places i should have used more roving. I needle felted extra to cover the gaps.

Then needle felt your embelishments. I used small balls as rocks, needle felting them first on the foam block to get the shape then onto the playscape. Then felted some flowers. The cave is made by needle felting a flat brown piece with some green at the bottom on the foam block then felting it onto to the mat in my desired shape. 

All up i spent about $2 on materials (i only used up the dark green roving from the kit). And it took me about an hour for the mat and another 30mins for the embelishments. 

Technical note:

The process of felting is basically that wool has tiny barbs that cling to each other. So if you rub it together they bind kinda like velcro. Wet felting is helped by the hot water and soap which expand and shrink the fibers making them cling, needle felting is achieved because the needle has tiny barbs on it which pull through the other fibers to felt (a great reason not to stab yourself with one). 

We are moving!

no idea where to yet but we have started packing and commited to moving soon. This is the time to declutter. Im usually quite ruthless with this as the less i have the less i have to move. My issue is that i often throw things out that i later have to rebuy…cant be helped, it happens. So without further adu here is my go to guide for decluttering:

Get rid of it if:

  • You forgot you owned it
  • It doesnt fit
  • Its faded or torn
  • Its missing parts
  • You have another one (we had 4 sandwich presses)
  • You havent used it in 2yrs
  • You have never used it
  • You can sell it for atleast half of what you paid
  • It doesnt work properly
  • You arent quite sure why you kept it in the first place

(I havent swum in 10yrs)

Give this a go. Another good idea is to think, if the house burnt down would i mourn this? 

(Like it, but never used in 5yrs since i got it)

Make sure you start this process early as you will fill your bin several times and it can be quite emotional so do it gradually. 

(Owned for about 15yrs, never used)

Have fun!

Toddler (and mummy) taming

i have been exhausted keeping up with rue latley. Mostly emotionally. He seems to be having breakdowns left right and center, he wont listen, he hits and throws. I put it down to terrible 2s. Then i was telling mum about it today and she said i cant let him get away with it. I cast this off as she lives in another state and doesnt know how i parent. But then i stopped and thought about that. Is rue behaviour because of his age or is it something else? 

I thought about it and realised that each time he has started acting out in the past its been because i wasnt doing something and he was actually ready to move forward in his development and needed me to move forward too. 

Last week i realised that he is prefectly happy to take his own dishes to the kitchen after meals. He will pick food up off the floor with a little encouragement. So today i thought ok maybe im not giving him enough credit and he needs me to guide him more. So i asked him to clean up. He happily sung ‘ok clean up’ while putting away his toys! I assume this is something he has learnt from daycare. Then while i was giving him a bath the tv shut off and rather than turn it back on i did some yoga with him on the floor (im not a fan of the floor as the rug is encrusted in doghair) but he was so happy. 

My realisation is that its not terrible 2s as much as i needed to guide him as a young child, not a baby. He needs more of my time not just me being in the room but me actually playing with him. I am watching a few youtube videos about toddler taming which have been helpful, im already doing some things but not others. So im going to make a few changes. For one im going to have tv off time each day where he gets my whole attention. Even if its just an hour or two a few times a day. I will also give him instructions and wait until they are followed, rather than just doing things for him. 

I already practice calm mum calm baby but sometimes when im tired i let it get to me rather than followiny my own rules.

Ill let you all know how this goes! 


im at my wits end right now. No nap and a psycho toddler + lack if sleep last night = frayed mumma. Not to mention i was really excited to think i could start a course in childcare, the two people i told were both non enthused so now im bummed. They dont seem to realise that i need a litte enthusiasm. My life consists of working then comig home to a screaming toddler. I need something to get excited about! Even if it doesnt work out at least im trying to bring a little spice to my life right?!?  Coupled with the fact that we decided to re home our dogs but my manager who was meant to collect one of them this week keeps giving me the run around, if it was a stranger i would have told them to bugger off by now. 

So yes, iv had enough of this month. Rue was teething last week and inconsoleable crying, not sleeping at all for a full 5 days. I just feel like banging my head on a wall somewhere. I know it will get better but when! Ugh. I have the next two weeks off and am wondering if they will be relaxing or stressful. Oh and my foot aches so much when i walk i hate even standing 😪 

Ok rant over. Heres to next year and hopefully a calmer toddler and maybe someone will get excited about my study…



i was thinking about weight loss latley and i came to the conclusion the reason people struggle with their weight either gaining or losing is because there are so many conflicting theories in how to eat that we get confused and just give up. 

I often try the weight watchers method but then i think well i shouldnt be eating sugar and carbs. Maybe i shouldnt be having gluten, but then i know its healthier to cook from scratch. All foods in small portions have been shown to be better than cutting things out. Diet shakes are great but high in sugar. Lite and easy just delivers meals but its really expensive and you dont get to cook which i really enjoy not to mention you only get 1-2 choices each meal. What about high protien, fruit has sugar is that ok? Maybe i should just have meat and vegies but corn and peas are high points on weight watchers. Full cream and fat is better for you but twice the callories. Cows milk is bad for you but you have to drink it for healthy bones. 

You see what i mean?? Its so confusing! Not to mention people who say you have to work out 5 times a week, who has time for that?!? Really i struggle to stay in one frame of mind for more than a week. I start well then think well maybe this other way would be healthier? Sure i could find a set meal plan but then what if i dont feel line chicken for dinner, what if i want to go out for lunch with family? 


2.5years old

rue is nearly two and a half! Im really loving this age. He has started becoming a real little person. He takes instruction and understands us so much better than even a few months ago. He will walk with me holding my hand most of the time and mostly stops when i tell him too (we are still working on this one). He will start swimming lessons next year and toilet training over christmas. 

He loves babies and takes care of his cousin giving him toys when he cries. He pats the dogs when they let him andrides them like a horse when he catches them. He loves painting and coloring but mostly loves water! 

He hates having his nappy changed and always wants another story before bed. He loves baths and will try and climb in fully clothed if you arent careful. 



this is a short story about cheese. Did you know that a bag of grated cheese is $100 per kg. no joke. Its $9.87 for 100g if you look at the label. A block of cheese on the other hand is $9 for 1kg…so this week i will be splurging and buying a handheld electric cheese grator. For less money than 1kg of grated cheese. Its an investment for someone who struggles to grate cheese. Just $40inc postage. 


Firstaid kits

i have several first aid kids that i have picked up from various places. One thing that i always do is open them and inspect the contents. Why? Firstly you dont want to be searching for things when someone is bleeding out. You should always be familiar with it before you need it. Secondly i have often found that they are missing quite essential items. Most of my kits only come with one bandage, one set of gloves and one non stick dressing. Now if im at the scene of an accident i know i will need several of each of these. Non stick dressings especially. I also find the tape they include is hopeless at sticking anything. I much prefer sports tape which can be used for securing bandages rather than messing around with safety pins.

They also dont come with face masks if you have to give cpr. One hazard with cpr is that the person can vomit while you are trying to do it. You dont want that in your mouth! A face shield is a must, you can get them for your key chain now too. I also like to throw in some pain killers incase help is a while away. 

If you think about the most likley medical emergencies you will encounter think about what you will need for them and pack your firstaid kit accordingly. 

And remeber, pack it before an emergency!