i realised last week that i did alot of research on what to expect in their first year, but i have no idea what happens in Rues second year. I know they walk, talk a bit more…what else?!? After googling it a bit the thing that kept jumping out at me was that apparently at 12months you can stop bottles and formula. Its even recomended! I had no idea, i thought they had them until atleast 18months? But then when i thought about it it actually makes sense. Formula and bottles are meant to replace breastfeeding. Most babies start to wean off breastmilk at 12months so why would they still need a bottle? 

Rue has taken water from a sippy cup from about 6months but i do use formula to help him sleep. I thought i would have a go at putting cows milk in his cup. Well, he likes it but i wouldnt say he is anywhere near ready to stop the warm bottle. Next phase will be to give him cold formula 30mins before bed i think. Gradually get him off them 🙂

What did you find out that threw you for a loop? 


6 month check

Rues 6 month checkup was today and he passed with flying colors. She commented that his development is actually in the 9month old range. He can sit up, talk (say mummy and dada) and he can almost crawl (get up but not move). She weighed him, he is still a little guy at 6.4kg (most 6month olds are in the 7.5kg range) but his height is still average and his head is still large lol. Gosh i cant believe how little he was.

SAM_0578 (2)

I was also considering having another soon until a friend pointed out that to get paid parental leave from the government again i need to work 1000hrs in the next 13months. That equates to 6.5months. I go back to work in april which means i have to wait until atleast April to start trying. How ever BD didnt look thrilled with the idea so it may be longer haha. My plan was that we are only planning on having 2 kids so having another one now gets the pregnancy and baby phases over and done with and we can focus on raising them. The other side of the argument is that i would like to own a house before we have another but as we arent even near that point i dont want to put off having another kid. I am after all 30 this year and fertility decreases by 50% when you turn 30. So i think at most we need to have another before early 2016.

My sisters wedding was recently. Everyone loved Rue in his tux, this is him with my dad.

photo 2 (2)


At this point Rue may be crawling before he sits up. He will sit if he is in my lap but as soon as i try sit him on the ground he tries to reach for things and topples. Yet, today i caught him pushing up with his arms and actually get his knees under him. He is desperate to be up and moving around after the dogs. He gets super excited when his cousins are running around.

photo 2 (7) copy

I also had another drama. My laptop got a virus and had to be completely wiped. I only just got it back. Thankfully with a virus i was able to transfer my files to my external harddrive before we wiped it. With previous laptops they crashed never to be started again so im thankful i got the chance to save this one. An important tip, email your important files to yourself. That way if your computer chucks it in you arent left in the dark. For me this means my writing files (im a published author under another name) and my photos.