Love and dont use

As Rue will be 1 next month I thought i would go through the things that i loved and the things i wish i hadnt bought in his first year.

1. Infants Friend. Get it! They are wind drops and if Rue was screaming and couldnt be soothed i gave him a few drops and within 20minutes would poo or fart and go to sleep. Loved it.

2. Dummys. People say they are bad for babies but frankly the sucking motion is really soothing for them and Rue only ever had his to sleep. Not an issue.

3. Play gym. I had assumed i wouldnt need one of these and considered it a waste of money. But when Rue was about 2months old i realised he had nothing to do on the floor and was getting really bored. I went to Target and got a $40 gym and Rue still plays with it (he turns it upside down and plays under it now).


4. Mummy hook. Everyone compliments my mummy hook and i seriously dont know how people live without it. You hang your grocery basket off it as you shop then your bags once you are done.

th41318706852Mummy Hook Shopping Bags (2)

5. Waffle blankets. I found these were the best for wrapping Rue. They were stretchy and the right shape and were about $12 for a pack of 2.

6. Wish i had a capsule. Didn’t see the allure as they could only be used for 6-12months but i can see the appeal now as rear facing car seats are a pain to get kids in and out of.

7. Highchair. We got a top of the line one from the inlaws but frankly its really large and bulky and rue still can hardly see over the tray. A small one would have been better as by the time he is big enough to fit it properly he will be using a kiddy table and chair anyway.

8. Baby shampoo, oil and moisturiser. Never used any of them. I used moo goo baby wash when he was little and now use a few squirts of johnsons baby milk bath. Babies dont generally have enough hair to need shampoo and water is just fine. Rues legs were a little dry for the first few months but is fine now so i have whole bottles of oil and moisturiser im trying to find a use for.

9. Baby shoes. Completely pointless and hard to get on. Just use socks.

10. Baby clothes. Rue was in onesies for his first 4months of life. T-shirts would just ride up on him so we never even used them.

11. Nappies. We used Woolworths brand which were fine. Huggies leak. Then the woolies ones started to leak and we are now on Aldi brand and im loving them. Cheapest by far and loved by mothers of heavy wetters.

12. Baby swimmers. Swimming with a baby isnt advisable unless you live in a really warm climate. Rue has never been and possibly wont for another 6months atleast. Swimming lessons are a waste of money in my opinion until they can follow instructions, at about 2 or 3yrs. (unless you have a pool or live on a property with a dam where they need to know water safety early), a bath is just as good for getting them used to water and much warmer! Most ‘swimming lessons’ for ages 3 and under are just for having fun rather than teaching them to swim.

13. Nasal aspirator. This seems really pointless to me and i never used one some one actually told me that it can irritate the inside of their nose and cause more mucus. Saline spray and a vaporizer work way better to clear stuffy noses.

13. Finally a recent purchase. Sip snap. Slip over any cup rim and turns it into a sippy cup. Takes up way less room in my handbag when we are out and about. Already made converts of some friends who ordered some on their mobile as soon as they saw rue using his.


And a note of gifts. Its really frustrating when people get angry or insulted that you havent used their gift. Folks. I havent used half the things i bought, its not an insult we either didnt get around to it or it wasnt right for our needs. But thanks for the thought!


Country Boy

Both of our families have farms. My Pops is a sheep farm and BD’s parents have a small hobby farm. That’s where we spent our easter weekend, fencing. I had thought i would be back at the house in town so wouldnt have to worry about Rue but turns out we were all out there. It was hard not being able to help because i had to hold Rue.


Then i realised i had the portacot in the boot of the car. So we had porta baby.


He loved it! He was so excited to be able to get down and play. The field was full of thistles so he couldn’t crawl around but he thought his play pen was the bees knees. Then we put a sheet over the top to keep the flys and sun out. His cousin was happy to provide baby amusement.



I got horribly sunburnt because of course we took the car without the sunscreen in it. I managed to keep Rue out of it for the most part thankfully so he was only a little pink on his cheeks. The next day our biggest problem was keeping warm. Autumn weather is so un predictable.

Rues first year

I mentioned a while ago (i think) That i was making a year book. Well it has morphed into a family album/ Rues first year record. Im having alot of fun with it but im struggling with some parts. You see i have many pictures of Rue (obviously) but am not sure what else to include. It really needs more stories in it. I have a few family tree pages with various lists, family, cousins, great grandparents. I have a list of milestones and a letter from me to him. But thats no where near enough to fill in all the gaps.


I would love to put some paintings done by rue in there but he hasnt really done any yet. He did one for mum and one for daddy. Maybe i can do some hand prints? What other things would you include?



Its cold in here

Canberra has been hit with a bit of a cold snap. It seems that each year summer gets shorter and shorter, but we are yet to have snow in winter, boooo! It has dawned on me however that Rue doesnt have warm clothes in his current size 00 or the size up 0. I stocked up on size 1 clothes which i got free off facebook which have alot of winter jackets in it but i hadn’t expected to need them quite so soon. Its currently 1pm and only 17 outside (63 for those in Fahrenheit). Its summer! It will get down to 8 over night too. He is currently in one of his two onesies with feet that he has in this size. I tried to get some boots on him. They are super cute blue elephants and super soft. But i found they were a little snug, when i looked inside i found they were only size 0-3months. Oh well, they looked cute while they were on.

jjjjjj djdjd

I may have to go shopping after pay day (Thursday) to get some warmer things for him. Maybe a jacket or two and some booties that fit. Not sure how long the cold snap will last but this week wont get over 26C (79F) which is warm but not warm for summer. He has beanies but they might also be too big as i anticipated him not needing them until May at least.

This week also was Rues first try at vegemite toast. I cant stand vegemite but i know its good for him so ill put up with it for Rue. He went from, whats this, to, EAT ALL THE TOAST!


Rue is 20weeks!

My little man is 20 weeks this week. That’s 4 months!

photo 1 (10)

Weight: 5.8kg

Length: 62cm

Head: 42cm

Size: 00

Skills: Rolling back to front, grasping toys, pulling things into his mouth, sitting with support, babbling (we think he might have said No, dad dad and mum).

He has just started solids. He likes apple puree and mashed banana. He doesnt like Farax (baby cereal) peas, broccoli and cauliflower and he isnt sure on carrot.

We think he might be ticklish under his arms, under his chin and on the bottoms of his feet.

He likes standing, watching TV, sitting on dad, his teddy, looking at his reflection. He doesnt like the sewing machine, mum leaving the room, and i have found he hasn’t liked his dummy the last few days.

He sleeps in his sleeping bag, in his bassinet at night next to mum and in his crib in his own room during the day. He still has 3 naps during the day and sleeps 9pm-8:30am with one or two feeds at 2am and 5am.


I find myself bombarded everyday with images of women breastfeeding. On social media, on the TV. Women claiming that they have the right to feed in public, that its the most wonderful thing in the world. That those who dont breastfeed are disadvantaging their children. Well folks. I wanted to tell you my own story. Because breastfeeding is the best thing for your child but frankly not everyone is able to feed and we shouldnt be made to feel inferior for it.

When Rue was born he went straight to the nursery due to a low temp and low blood sugar. I didnt get to see him for a full day. When i did he had been fitted with a nasal feeding tube because his nose had been compressed in the womb and he wasnt able to breath through it. This was a temporary problem that would right it self in a few days. Until then they had to start him on formula. Due to a traumatic labour i was bed bound for the first two days. Rue was brought to me on the evening of the first day and i tried to breastfeed him but he couldnt breathe and feed so wouldnt latch. I expressed into a syringe a few times a day which the nurses gave him before his formula.

On the third day i was aloud out of bed in a wheel chair so could only go and see him when my partner was in the hospital which was about 3 times a day. They gave me the use of their breastpump but i could only use it when i was in the nursery. I expressed about 10ml of colustrum each time. It was not much as due to my haemorrhage my body was busy trying to make blood rather than milk. The nurses said it was a really good effort to get that much in my condition. On the forth day he got his tube out and i tried him on the boob again. He could latch but wouldnt suck and quickly pulled away. On the sixth day we went home. I continued pumping with my home pump and got about 20-40mls each time in about an hour of pumping, It was time consuming and exhausting for my body which was still trying to heal. I tried to breastfeed him everyday but he now wouldnt latch and would scream every time i tried. After 2 weeks my supply had gone down to 20ml a day. I knew i couldnt keep it up. At three and a half weeks i packed the pump away. I felt terrible. I felt like i had failed my little man. Im nearly in tears now thinking about it. At one month i made one last effort and bought nipple shields thinking he might think it was his bottle. Nope. Hated them. So that was that.

My baby was happy, gaining weight and healthy. I had to accept that. Alot of women are in the same position as me. I have friends who were in tears daily because they couldnt breastfeed. They tried everything.  Some went to clinics for weeks to try get their babies to feed. They ate special diets, lactation cookies, went on medication to increase supply. They battle masatitis and thrush. All because we have it drilled into us that we have to breastfeed. Well you know what. I think thats a horrible thing to do to new mothers. Its hard enough without laying that much pressure on us. Sure breast is best but if you cant, if its affecting your mental or physical health then we need to be accepting of formula. As mothers we should not pressure other mothers to breastfeed. We should be 100% accepting of formula feeding babies. Dont shove breast is best campaigns in our faces. Dont look pityingly at us when we tell you we formula feed. Dont tell me that statistically my child will be dumber than breastfed babies, dont tell me that he will be sickly because he didnt get my immunities. My baby is healthy and happy and there is NO benefit to making us feel like crap about a decision that we did for the health of our selves and our babies. The decision is hard enough without shoving breastfeeding guilt trips in our face everyday. I guess you could say that breast is best campaigns have actually gone one step too far. In trying to get us all to breastfeed they have alienated those who cant. Much like the feminist movement that gave us so many options but now its considered a controversial decision to be a stay at home mum. We have to justify a decision that used to be the norm.

So stop and think before judging. Even if you didnt mean it your words and actions can cut. And dont worry if you read this and think im talking about you, none of my friends do this, its mostly a side affect to being a member of mothers groups where there are alot of opinions floating around.

MCN and sewing

I have made the leap into using MCN’s or Modern Cloth Nappies. I use the Bambooty easy one size. I have about 5 of these and 3 of another brand. Besides being cute designs i honestly dont think it takes any longer to use these then to use disposables. You put a liner on and clip it on baby. Then every two days you throw them in the wash then hang them out. Easy. I think the idea that they take longer to use came from the old terry towel ones which you had to fold, pin, soak, scrub and then wash. Yes they are quite expensive but the over all cost is alot less than disposables. Each easy one size costs $37 but i wait for the sales and got mine for $20 each. A box of disposables is $28 (Woolworth Select) and i go through a box every two weeks. In the life of nappy wearing apparently you can save over $5000 by using cloth. I still use disp for outings and over night as they are more absorbent and smaller to put in the nappy bag. I am aiming to get alot more but will wait until they are on sale 🙂


With my new sewing machine in the mail i was thinking about movies i could watch for inspiration. And you know what…there are very few movies actually about sewing, or really any craft. The only one i can think of is How to make an American Quilt. Any other movie that has sewing in it its as a minor part and usualy only one scene. With so many movies about cooking i was surprised about the lack of craft ones. Can anyone point me in the direction of one?

They are just showing they care

Im sure everyone who has children dreads those final few weeks. Not because of the event coming up, but because of the constant phone calls berating us wanting to know how we are. Its getting out of hand. How long can you ignore a call before it becomes rude? How many times can you tell them that you will obviously tell them if something happens.

Getting annoyed at my lack of information when you insist on calling daily is not okay. If I have news I WILL TELL YOU. Otherwise if you call I will say, im fine, and I don’t appreciate being told off for that. As an example my dad rung on Monday to check in on me. Then he called again today, and his wife called an hour later to ask the same question. So no, I didn’t answer the phone for either of them. I have nothing to say, I haven’t done anything, nothing has happened in the last 3 days! Last week he called on Thursday then when we were saying bye he said he would call back the next day…what, to hear about what time I went to bed??? Come on. Be realistic people. Once a week is all im giving you. And if I tell you I will call after my doc appointment on Thursday, don’t call Wednesday night and expect news. I have just sent him a stern message asking him to stop calling. It might sound harsh but its getting ridiculous.

But its not just him. This week alone I have had calls from my mum, sister, boss, two from dad and one from his wife. And people wonder why we start to snap. I know its exciting but the only news I can give you is that I had the baby, and I will obviously tell you when that happens so there is no need to check in daily.

So if there is someone in your life who is pregnant. Do them a favour, restrict checking in to once a month, or ask them to keep you updated, let them set the schedule. I promise they will call if something happens.