Body image

I am honestly shocked at how many women are thinking about how much they dislike their bodies. No matter who I speak to they have something negative to say. Not a single one says, this is how I am, and I love it. How sad is that?? Sure I would love to lose 50kg but im happy with how I look. I don’t think people walk around saying, wow look at that woman’s lunch lady arms. Or wow that woman has really bad arm hair…I mean honestly we have better things to be doing. My belly dancing teacher once said, if you are close enough to see it, you are way too close. And this stands for a lot of things in life. Sure if you look hard at each part of your body you will find faults. But strangers don’t do this, your partner doesn’t do this. They look at the whole package. There is nothing more unattractive to me than lack of confidence. My boyfriends were always hesitant to take their shirts off the first time, until they realised that I find them sexy, all of them, or frankly I wouldn’t be with them! And its the same with women. A man isn’t going to dump you because your arms are soft…and if he does then what the hell were you doing with someone so shallow in the first place! So I beg you all. Stop focussing on your bodies and be happy that you are alive and able to live your life to the fullest. There are so many more important things in life than having a toned butt! Some sexy bodies.

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Body image

I shake my head every time someone in my mothers group posts that they are upset because they have gained 2kg or because their clothes don’t fit anymore. Frankly I think its terrible that we care so much about the way that we look that we forget that we are growing a human! You are not getting fat, you are not ugly, you are a pregnant mummy who has a human being growing inside of you and it needs space to grow. So yes you will expand and as baby grows you will gain weight! This should be a happy time and experience. But because society has us so focused on how much we weigh and what size we are many women just see themselves getting bigger and feel like failures. Frankly for the next 12months you really just have to let all diets and fitness go. Sure eat healthy and keep up some light exercise if you feel up to it but those marathon trips to the gym and days where you eat nothing but salad are gone until after baby is born and your body has recovered.

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Most women will gain 10-20kg by the time bub is born. This isn’t necessarily fat! This is another human being growing heavier. Its like picking up your dog and stepping on the scales then being upset because you weigh more, well yes of course you do!

The best advice I can give is to just not step on the scales or look in a mirror. Seriously. You can live without both they aren’t essential to our survival haha Eat what you crave as this is what your body needs to maintain your own and bubs health. Love your growing bump and relish in the knowledge that it will be gone in 9months. Frankly the easiest weight you will ever lose!

Then when bub is born you will need to focus on them and believe me you will not have time to eat or worry about any of that. Take bub for walks, breastfeed and snack on fruit. The weight will come off. No your stomach wont be flat but your ab muscles and uterus need time to shrink and knit back together. Give it 3months before hitting the gym again. Give your body time to get back to its regular shape and all your organs time to shuffle back into place. Trust me no one is looking at your belly when you are holding a new born and thinking you are just being lazy.

If it helps write yourself a reminder of one week worth of ‘normal’ eating. What you ate before bub. Then when you are ready to get back to normal use this as a meal plan. It can be hard after a year to remember how you used to eat so this will remind you.

A lot of people look at celebrities and see them lose 20kg in a month after bub. Its not possible! They have nannies, personal trainers and spanx! Its an optical illusion. They still have flabby bits they are just covering them really well. And no, you may never fit into a size 6 again because your waist has stretched for bub and just cant fit back in anymore. Look at pictures of Miranda Kurr before and after. You will see clearly that her waist is thicker despite her six pack.

So please ladies, love the changes and stop focusing on the numbers.