you know those times everything hits you at once and you wonder why you didnt plan ahead for times like these? Thats me this pay. I accidentily missed a phone payment over christmas and now i am overdue as i then got a double bill. Then i was finally approved to attend my course which gave me a week to pay the $430 course fee. Homestly why would they only give you a week?!? Then i realised the interest came off my credit card before i thought it would and is now over drawn, thats another $140 this pay! Deep breaths. Not to mention rue had a fever over the weekend and we realised our third thermometer in one year is broken. Thats another $60 this fortnight i dont have money for. 

Whats my plan? 

  • I paid half the phone bill last pay and the other half (overdue) will be this pay
  • Can afford half the class fees and will have to pay the other half (then overdue) next pay.
  • Creditcard has to be paid this pay.
  • Thermometer has to be purchases too. Babies health comes first.
  • Oh and have three weddings coming up in the next two months. New dress will just have to wait! 

This leaves me with a tight budget of $100 for food. Hello pasta bake. And with a transfer of my last $80 from my savings ill have a contingency of $100 for the rest of the fortnight.

This especially sucks because this weekend is the long awaited lifeline book fair which i budgeted $70 for but will now have to be under $20. Yes im still going, its only on twice a year and to get books at 50c – $2 saves me a fortune over the year. Fingers crossed i can get what i need within my budget.

Next pay wont be as bad, the second half of the course fees and possibly another phone bill then i should be free and clear of the biggies and get back on track topping up my savings and paying off those creditcards!!! 

I also cancelled a $30 monthly payment which i know isnt much but the less i pay in bills the more i can save. 

Deep breaths and tighten those belt buckles ladies!