im at my wits end right now. No nap and a psycho toddler + lack if sleep last night = frayed mumma. Not to mention i was really excited to think i could start a course in childcare, the two people i told were both non enthused so now im bummed. They dont seem to realise that i need a litte enthusiasm. My life consists of working then comig home to a screaming toddler. I need something to get excited about! Even if it doesnt work out at least im trying to bring a little spice to my life right?!?  Coupled with the fact that we decided to re home our dogs but my manager who was meant to collect one of them this week keeps giving me the run around, if it was a stranger i would have told them to bugger off by now. 

So yes, iv had enough of this month. Rue was teething last week and inconsoleable crying, not sleeping at all for a full 5 days. I just feel like banging my head on a wall somewhere. I know it will get better but when! Ugh. I have the next two weeks off and am wondering if they will be relaxing or stressful. Oh and my foot aches so much when i walk i hate even standing ūüė™ 

Ok rant over. Heres to next year and hopefully a calmer toddler and maybe someone will get excited about my study…




We have had an exciting week here. Rue learnt to sit himself up. Still working on the down part and often leads to his head smashing down on the floor. I have become super pillow mum, scooting over to stick his boomerang pillow behind him incase he falls. He is getting better though. Thankfully. Seems to have given up on crawling now that he can sit up, he was so close too! I think i might turn around one day and see him crawl. Such a clever boy.

photo 1 (7)jjj

We also have currently got a childcare drama. We went from no options to two. Yesterday we went to visit a family carer (childcare in  their home) who was wonderful. Right down the road with a cute setup in the granny flat out the back of her house. But. Then we got a call to say Rue got a place in a Childcare center. Catch is he has to start in two weeks which is 4 weeks before i go back to work. I am viewing the center this afternoon. No idea what to do. Do we pay the deposit with the family carer to lock her in for when i go back to work, $200. Do i lock in the childcare which is a huge $800 payable NOW. Or do i say no to both in the hope we get another offer closer to April??? Childcare is in hot demand in Canberra. Rue has his name down at 8 places and all are full. The only way to get in is if someone leaves which they only have to give 2-4weeks notice so it will be very close to when i go back to work to find out if we get another place. The family daycare is more expensive but closer to home and the dates line up better. Decisions decisions and we have to decide pritty much either cob today or Monday at the latest.

Personally i prefer a center, more regulated and more staff to keep an eye on things. With a family daycare there is only one person so if they have to leave the room the babies are unsupervised. Then again starting a full month before i go back to work is a bit of a waste of money…I would only get him to do half days then part time until i go back to work but we still would have to pay the full cost. BD desnt really mind what we do, he doesnt know much about the whole care thing where as i used to work in childcare so have an idea about what is good. But the cost will come out of his pay so i feel like i need to do right by him too.


Bucket hat

Childcare is getting real. Im so bummed i feel like i was given a baby for 9 months and then i have to give him back ūüė¶ Im hoping that i can eventually go part time but it will depend on my work and in the past colleagues have been denied part time changes. So i have been sewing for my little man. First up was a bucket hat. I used Charlie + S pattern. The pieces worked well but the instructions leave something to be desired. I had made a similar reversable sailors hat for him before he was born so i knew the theory but these instructions had me stumped when it came to sewing the caps in palace. As you can see my first attempt failed, badly…

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)

My second attempt worked but im not a fan of how they attach the second cap. I think i will use the other method which means sewing two different hats then sewing them together and turning right way out. Much more straight forward. Unfortunatley its a little snug even though its the 6-12month size, but Rue does have a big head so i will make another in the next size up too.

photo 3 (2)

Other than that i love bucket hats. Was thinking of adding a chin strap incase its windy and maybe some air vents in the top so his head doesnt get too hot.

Week 21 and hormones

Hormones. You think PMS is bad, imagine having it for 9months! Monday night i yelled at the dogs then burst into tears getting out of the shower. No reason. Then any time someone asks me to do something at work i feel like yelling at them to leave me the hell alone and let me do my job! Grrrrr I also burst into tears in Best and Less, while listening to the radio, and imagining going into labour on the loungeroom floor. Im a mess folks! My BD doesnt believe in hormones and just thinks im being a shit head, i mean homestly how can you not understand hormones, you cant make this shit up!

Symptoms: Heart burn and hormones. Kicking. Heavy feeling. Out of breath walking short distances or up a few stairs.

Baby: About 30cm long. Feudal height 22cm which is bellybutton height. Has got all the essentials and will start building his fat layer soon.

My friend finally had her baby last week. 7lbs Girl named Ariana. We are so excited for her, she already has a 4yr old son to another daddy. When he saw his sister he demanded to hold her than asked if he could sing to her and burst into a round of Old McDonald has a farm lol I love kids.

I am also considering doing a cert III in Children Services while im on mat leave. I wont stay where i am and the idea of coming back makes me want to cripple myself. Im not really interested in casual work but if i can get a position at a small centre maybe 3 days a week in the baby room that would work great as bub could get a place there with me and i would feel like i am actually accomplishing something each day rather than being asked to do meanial jobs that really dont need doing in the first place.

13 weeks until Maternity leave! 


Learning the art of baby

I have been a little horrified/ suprised but how some pregnant ladies have said that they have no idea what you need to care for a baby and have never even held one…Seriously?!? Am i the only one who finds this alarming. That there are women out there about to be given a newborn to take home and have no idea how to care for it!

Sure there are antinatal classes but these just tell you what to expect in labour. they dont teach you how to actually look after it once it is born. I have said before that I know women who didnt know babies need to be burped well thats one aspect but these women literally have no idea what they are doing. I think society needs to wake up to this issue and start a program. Maybe all pregnant women for one or two of their checkups should be made to volunteer at a childcare center to experience how to care for a baby. Or even if new mothers are encouraged to bring their babies to the clinic for hands on experience for the expecting mothers. Just holding bub, picking it up, changing a diaper and feeding it. Or perhaps we should be starting earlier than this. All college (yrs 11-12) students, male and female, have to do 5hrs volunteer at a childcare center. They should be tought how to care for another human being. Its an essential life skill.

Sending pregnant women out to prepare for bub is another issue. Its true, how do they know what to buy. In Russia new mothers are supplied with a ‘baby kit’ instead of a $1000 baby bonus.This kit contains clothes, toiletries for bub, blankets, nappies, bottles and the box it comes in converts to a crib. It gives new mums the basics to care for their children and as a result baby morality rates have gone down. So why can you not buy this from the shop. You can get gift sets which basically have alot of powders and creams in them. But why cant you get a big old box full of all the things you will need for baby?

Its true that babies dont come with instruction manuals but can we not instruct new mums in some sort of classroom. Say three sessions of how to care for a baby then you get a certificate to show the hospital before they book you in.

If i were making a baby kit it would contain:

  • ¬†Clothes
  • Nappies
  • Bottle and formula
  • Basic toiletries
  • blanket
  • beanie
  • booties and mittens
  • Creams and powders.
  • a toy

This way the new mum at least has the bare essentials to keep baby alive and comfortable for a few weeks until they get a handle on things.