Omg christmas is only 6months away!

i hear some of you groan but i LOVE christmas. I have no idea why people hate it. Just shop online if you dont want to face the mall people!

I love the decorations, i always plan a wrapping theme, i find new christmas music as well as the classics (kylie manogues santa baby). BD doesnt get into it but as we have a toddler this year im not holding back. I will deck the house out like there is no tomorrow! Lights, tinsel, fake foiliage. Maybe even a animated reindeer for the front yard, do i dare lol i made rue a stocking last year but it turned out quite giant so not sure if i will use it or make a smaller one so i dont have to buy as many goodies for inside. Dont want to get his expectations too high first year off the ranks.

Im also acting on some new traditions. A christmas eve box. Rue can open it christmas eve and it contains pajamas, a christmas dvd and or book and snacks. 

When his cousin is older he can come and hang out with his box and we can watch dvds together as a family. We have a tradition at the moment where we buy each other (siblings) a decoration for our tree. It came about when we all moved out of home and realised we had no decorations. 

I also want to wrap presents from santa like they actually came from him. Such a cute idea. Hipefully i can find some santa stamps, otherwise i might have to make them.

One tradition im not getting on board with is elf on a shelf. That thing just creaps me the hell out…




It was the year of Rue. He got more presents than i can count. Which was quite funny as my step mum said that she didnt spoil him this year but would next year, i hate to think how many presents he will get!

Highlights were his Olaf doll which he adores. A thomas the tank engine couch, a dinosaur and a bunnykins bowl.

jjjjj photo 2 (8)jjj photo 3 (5) photo 4 (6)

Next Christmas

Yes thats right, there will be another Christmas next year. Alot of people forget this when it comes to the post christmas sales. Alot of decorations are 50-80% off. I know that for me i need to stock up on christmas kit. This year was sparse. We have a small tree with no lights and thats it. But not only this its also a good opportunity for birthday and christmas present shopping for next year. Think ahead people. What will you need? Here is my list so far:


  • Christmas lights, both indoor and out.
  • White christmas tree
  • Wrapping paper
  • Clothes for Rue, sizes 1 and 2.
  • Birthday present for Rue (for July im thinking one of those tee pees)
  • A few gifts for Nieces. (aged 3 and 5)
  • Possibly some baby items to donate if they are a good price. (Blankets and wraps are always in demand)
  • Bed sheets for our bed (BD being a truck driver gets filthy and tar doesnt wash out too well)
  • Bonds singlets for BD (Part of any truckie’s uniform)
  • Socks for BD (He has 20pairs of the same sock to prevent mismatches but they are getting worn out)
  • Shoes for me (i have one pair…yes, seriously)
  • Laundry basket (the dog has peed on it a few times so i will have to get rid of it to prevent further urination)

Im hoping to not spend too much on this lot. I won’t buy anything that isnt at least 50% off or a bargain price. Hoping to get the tree for about $20-$30 (rrp $120). Lights maybe under $10 and wrapping paper under $2 a roll. Birthday presents under $10 a piece. Sheets are usually a really good sale item i usually get a doona cover for about $50 (rrp Over $100).  But my fave sale item i might have to give a miss this year. I have a love for egyptian cotton bath sheets. The really big fluffy ones. Each year i will generally get two of one color but having moved a few times i seem to have ‘lost’ alot of them so i now have only one of each color and only 3 towels all up and they are losing their plumpness. They normally retail for about $50 a piece but at sales are under $20. But this year other things are going to take priority over towels. We have enough and i am now on my Centerlink maternity leave so money is tighter.

Another item i will look at are party supplies. Not sure if they go on sale or not but as im now a mum i have alot of birthday parties in my future to cater for. Plates, cups, goodie bags and drink dispensers. How cute is this jungle theme:



I have a tree up! I wanted a real tree for the first time ever but BD said no way. He claims they are full of bugs and make a mess. Both points i dont care about but i have to repect his wish as he has to live with it too. So plan B. BD had a fake tree in the garage.

photo 2 (3)

I went for simple. After christmas im going to make the most of the sales and get a big white christmas tree for next year. I am also going to pick up some small potted trees to scatter around the house for next year. I love that idea. That way its not thrown out in January and its festive in more than one room. I had to dog proof this tree so i supported it with these little stools which also served as a resting place for this wicker basket which i can stack the presents in so they wont get chewed on. You might also notice a small hand print ornament. This was made with air dry clay which i picked up for $8 at Bunnings then finished with some gloss finishing spray also from bunnings. Next step will to be to get some twinkle lights up. Love me some twinkle lights. The rest of the ornaments are newish. When i moved to my own place a few years back i realised i had no ornaments so i have bought a few a year. I have a sheep on a wagon from New Zealand, a painting santa and a nutcracker. My ultimate would be a santa in a hot air balloon as it was my fave on mums tree when i was little. Havent had luck finding him yet.

photo 1 (2)

Christmas quilt

Im in the planning stage of christmas gifts. One person is getting a quilt. My original idea was print squares broken up by white strips.


However i found a better idea. The issue is that the fabrics i bought for the one above wont work for the new idea. This one is dark.

photo 2 (4)

Where as the new idea is pale and neutral with free motion embroidery as the key feature.

photo 1 (5)

I drew up a plan then quickly realised that unless i wanted to buy all new fabric i would have to work with the fabric in my stash, none of which matched the dimensions of my plan.

photo 3 (2)

So, new plan. Measure what i have and draw as i go. I will still have to buy more fabric but hopefully not as much. Its really putting my math skills to the test trying to draw to scale and converting everything from inches to centimetres and back again. My drawing is 10in = 1cm (my quilt batting is 84x100in) but im measuring in cm so i have to divide it by 2.54 to get inches then divide by 10 to get cm to draw the scale pic. I have ignored seam allowance and will just accept that the quilt will be smaller as i intend for it to be a snuggle on the lounge blanket rather than a bed cover. My brain hurts!

Week 11 – Almost end of first trimester!!! also, telling dad!


So i forgot i had another blood test yesterday so i have to do it today. Its for my thyroid i believe. I also called my doctor as i was meant to see her at 10weeks which has been and gone with no call from her. I believe she forogt but i left a message for her on tuesday and its now friday and still no call…Im getting edgy as i get closer to the 12weeks scan (which will actually be at 13weeks because of christmas) as we have had a few women who went and found out bub stopped growing a few weeks ealier. Very sad and making me nervious! So i finally bit the bullet and ordered a doppler. A doppler is an at home, handheld device that measures the babys heartbeat using ultrasound (makes me think of Sheldon from Big bang theory when he dressed up as the doppler effect lol). Its not very powerful so can often be hard to find babys heat but it will give me peace of mind if it works. Plus it was only $80.

Symptoms: Cramping and shooting pains in tummy. I think its from sitting for too long but also read it may be from dehydration so will be drinking more water. Nipples have started hurting again.

Baby: Getting big, is now 5cm |…………………………………………………….| about this big. Looking like a little person now. Has started doing womb gymnastics but i wont feel it for a few weeks yet.

It told my dad and brother last night. Brother said congrats but dad is in shock i think haha it went like this:

Showed dad the ultrasound pic

Dad: Whats this

Me: Your grandchild

Dad: *looks at it* Who? You?

Sigh no dad a random is giving you a grandchild. Then all he could say was that he didnt know what to do with that information. My brothers girlfriend was the most excited haha she is so cute. BD was a little alarmed i think and when we left asked me if thats how i thought dad would react because his parents were super excited and gushing where as dad didnt really comment at all. Dad got all emotional when my sister turned 30 this year so i think he is just remembering that we arent his babies anymore 😛 Then BD told him the story of how he hit a guy at work in the head with a shovel, not helping honey! Oh well, thats all the family, now just to tell friends once that scan is done 🙂 6.5months to go!