From scratch

i made butter! I can hear you all saying would you just buy the damn butter woman. But its so darn simple to make i had to try it. 

4 cups cream into a mixer (i have a kitchen aid)(2ltr of cream cost me $2.99) beat the living day lights out of it. It will turn into whipped cream then Start to curdle and go yellow. Then you will notice it start to seporate into chunks and milk. Then strain out the butter milk. Pressing the butter to get as much moisture out as you can. Then knead in 1tsp of salt on a wooden board (wood draws out more moisture). Done!

Dont throw out the buttermilk. Put 2 cups cream and 2 tbls buttermilk into a jug and stir. Leave out for 24hrs. Know what we are making? Sour cream! Should be thick like custard after 24hrs then put in the fridge for another day and vola! And i still have enough cream left for scones or another batch of sour cream. Not bad for $2.99 and 10mins work. 


Things i can do

I have found through my life i have said i cant do this or that iv tried and I just cant do it. Well a few of these things i can actually now do. Goes to show that if you keep trying one day it will just click.Eggs-Benedict-at-Metro-Bakery-Cafe

  1. Poached eggs. They never worked for me. I tried all the methods. Vinegar, little bags, swirling. But for some reason last year i tried them again at the insitance of my partner who wanted eggs Benedict. They worked. Easily, i did the whirlpool method where you swirl the water and slide the egg in. I think the trick is to crack the egg into a cup first and to not let the water boil, just small bubbles so it doesnt scatter the white.
  2. IMG_0271Knitting. My mother tried several times when i was a kid to teach me to knit and it just wouldnt stick. Then two years ago i decided to try again and taught myself off youtube. It worked! I knit several booties and a beanie. Pritty stoked with this one.
  3. Pull starting a lawn mower. You might think this one is odd but i have never been able to work a pull start. Not enough muscle i assumed. Turns out there is a trick to it. You have to pull it to its point before giving it a sharp tug. I always tried to do it from the start so it was slack then suddenly jerk when i hit the start point.

The one thing i still havent mastered is languages. My brain just cant process them.

Museli bars

Back to school put me in the mood for snacks. And what better snack then museli bars!

They are super simple. photo 1 (1)

1. 3 cups rolled oats tossed with 2 tbls oil and 2 tbls melted butter.

2. Then pour it onto a baking tray and bake at 180c for 10-20mins stirring occasionally to stop it burning.

3. Then melt 1/4 cup honey, 1/2 brown sugar, a tablespoon of marmalade and some vanilla in a saucepan.

4. Pour the oats back into a bowl and add a pinch of salt. Add dried fruit and chopped nuts to taste. Pour the melted sugar mix over dry ingredients. Stir well.

5. Press into a lined slice tray and bake at 160c for 15mins.

6. Leave to cool then turn out and cut up. I then drizzled chocolate over mine, it really give it that added flavor.

Optional extras are:

1/2 cup rice bubbles

spoon full of coconut

Dip the whole bottom in chocolate

photo 2 (1)

Home cooking

I always try and cook to BD’s tastes. I even got the recipe for his mums chicken and corn soup but he still prefers his mums. I asked if he wanted me to get the recipe for her curried sausages and he said no because he knew that when his mum makes it it will taste the same every time…im not sure what this says about my cooking. So instead i try and find new recipes that he will like. He is really picky! He hates rice, and mince (90% of my recipes have mince), isnt a fan of curries or chinese food although he loves chinese takeaway. He has banned spaghetti bolognaise (my favourite dinner) He also seems to not like cakes, muffins, or deserts…he isnt making this easy. What he will eat is getting a bit repetitive, deviled sausages, savoury mince (on toast not rice), burritos, steak, schnitzel, buffalo wings, ribs, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. Man food 😛

Something i am quite proud of though is my potato salad. I tried to make it like his dads which is incredible but i made it my own as i have accepted that i cant match his parents cooking.

Potato salad:

Cut potatoes into 4 and boil with plenty of salt. No need to peel. Cut into 5 if they are large, they should be large bite sized. Cool them in the fridge when they are soft but not falling apart. Dice bacon and one onion and cook until onion is soft. Add to potatoes. Soft boil two eggs and chill then peel and dice. Add to the potatoes. Mix mayonnaise and a dash of lemon juice and pour over, then season with a tsp of seeded mustard and pepper. Stir it all together.

You notice that i havent added many quantities. Well basically its how ever much you have. I generally find 6 potatoes and 2 eggs with 3 rashers of bacon work well. Maybe a tbls mayo.

photo 2 (3)

I can eat it by the bowl full (and had a bowl before i took a picture) but it works well if the bacon and onion is still warm when you put it in, gives that comforting warmth when you eat it and coats the whole thing in bacon grease mmmm. I actually over boiled the eggs for this one so had to throw them out. I could have bounced them across the kitchen they were that rubbery.