Nursery design – problem #1

I have started designing and picking major items. Vrib, pram etc. They are perfect. The only issue is I don’t think my BD will agree. He told his parents he wanted white furniture…that’s soooo boring. I had more of a natural look in mind with a few accents.Newport Cot - Heritage Teak No baby animal prints! And no Disney. I am loving this rocker on the left though. It flattens out to a bassinet and it vibrates and plays music, for $150! I was hesitant to get a bassinet because they can only use them for 6months and they cost like $200. No thanks. But this one is just a normal rocker too so they can use it until they are about 1yr.

Tiny Love Rocker Napper - Blue


So any tricks to get your fella on board? I think he will be pretty accommodating but if he has his heart set on something I know that feeling and its hard to be excited by anything else.

Good news is we got rid of the bed in the spare room so once I get my butt into gear and get the other assorted crap out it will be ready to start piling my baby stuff into, which is a good thing because its overflowing the plastic tub I was hiding it in 😛 I’m thinking we don’t need to buy any more clothes at all because my mum is going to town in the second hand shops.

The other thing that came up this week was that some of the girls in my mothers group are having the man friend issue. Its where your mans friends as him stupid questions like. Are you sure your ready? That means your stuck with her you know…

I mean seriously people, what is wrong with you! You have a pregnant girlfriend/ wife, your choice in the matter is officially made. It doesn’t matter if you are ready, its happening you need to deal with that. Also I don’t understand why people think its such a big deal. Like you will never see them again, ah folks its called a baby sitter. I also don’t get why people are sad that they cant go out to a night club until 3am anymore…seriously? You do those things to kill time until something more interesting comes along, who wants to have a hang over, get sleezed on by guys, get beer thrown up your leg and shoved around and be $300 broker in one night, no one! Seriously, clubbing is for single people with nothing better to do.  ok rant over haha




I like the spindle detail on this

As this pregnancy progresses im starting to seriously look at things for the nursery. And you know what. I hate 90% of it. Its all so tacky and frilly and commercial. I mean when it comes to cribs you have three choices, white, dark chocolate, or plain wood…ew. Really? Three choices? And they all pretty much have the same design, small cage.


Old fashioned black metal

I have seen some that I actually don’t hate, they have personal items in them. Books, book shelves, desks. Im determined that this room will be functional not ikea.

I like this idea of having a bed and a crib. It makes it look more child friendly.

pretty little ones room

Crib and bed combo

such a cute kid bed

How cool is this

Of course you have to have the room to do this. I have started buying little things but wont buy too much until I get the major furniture sorted out so I know the theme for the room. Im thinking rustic old fashioned farm house. Like the Weasleys from Harry Potter, I bet their nursery wasn’t clean 🙂

very sweet