we have a busy birthday month coming up, rues two cousins have birthdays the weeks either side of his. Dont ask me how old they are, i think maybe 3 and 6? Or 4 and 6? Anyway, i have been busy ording things for Rues big bash online. I realised i only have 5weeks to go and thats not alot of time if you are ordering from America. 

My fave purchase were these cookie cutters from the Cookiecuttershop. Super excited to use them! They should arrive today. 

It will be a zoo/safari theme and his birthday invitations are also in the post. The image is from etsy and the cards are from vistaprint which had a half price sale so i got 50 for $12 (50 is the least you can get). Of course i only need about 5 but i decided the cost of cardboard and printing would come to more than $12 anyway. They are from Printablemiracles




I have a deep hatred of most of the baby toys and thing available from the shop. No particular reason, maybe because they are all so commercialised? But I have been struggling with what to do about a mobile. Did I even need one? It is bad karma to have anything over your head while you sleep because your brain tells you it might fall and injure you. I do know that having something to keep bub visually stimulated might be a god send in terms of keeping him settled so I decided to keep looking. I found a heap of beautiful ones on Etsy but they were way out of my budget. So, as I often do, I turned to Pinterest. Finally I found one that I liked and that I could make quite cheaply. Tools are basically a stick from the front yard, some fishing line (grabbed it off my fishing rod), feathers, felt. That’s it! I also used scissors and a needle to thread the fishing line through the leaves. My pug loved it too ūüôāImageImageImage

 I now need to devise a way to hang it above the cot without damaging the ceiling as we are renting. Blu tac? Sticky tape?

What it feels like to be pregnant – and getting crafty

I used to assume that pregnant women were tired because of the added weight of baby. Nope. I have only gained 6kg so thats not enough to slow me down. Let me attempt to explain what being pregnant feels like.funny pregnancy picture

Imagine that you normally run, in gym clothes, for about 10mins on a speed of 8 on the treadmill. Got that? Ok, now imagine running in trousers, wearing a diaper, carrying a dog, for 20mins at double the speed wearing a coreset after attending an all you can eat buffet…still feeling good? This is what i experience everyday.

I never realised or gave the whole thing thought beyond the bump. The baby sits low making walking uncomfortable like someone is sitting on your lower abs (which they are). Then you are incubating so you are running  a constant tempriture. Then your energy has to not only fuel you but the growing of a complete human being in 9months. Add to this that your heart is pumping twice as much blood as it normally would which makes you feel faint and odd at the same time. Then baby is compressing all of your organs into half the space they normally take up which has serious implications for your bowel, stomach and lungs, restricting all of them. Think about when you were a teenager and how much you longed for sleep because your body was growing so fast, well we are growing two people, it takes it out of you! added to that hormones, which for guys think on the moment where you realise you cant watch the final 20mins of your fave game, while you have a migraine and you dog just died. You simultaniously want to kill everyone for breathing and burst into tears at random intervals. I often cry over commercials for candy bars. Then you have to pull it all together and get the house ready for a baby which you will have to keep alive for the next 20years or so.

Now that i have conveyed this rollercoaster of becoming a mum, now let me tell you my issue with becoming a mum to a boy.¬†There are 101 patterns out there for¬†girl clothes and about 3 for boys. Go to the shop and girls have 3/4 of the shop and boys get a small selection of tshirts and pants. Not¬†very exciting. My sister pointed out that boys can have little jeans,¬†waist coats and jackets, well yes but i¬†imagine its not¬†very fun¬†trying to run or crawl¬†around and play as a 6month old in jeans and a waist coat…¬†So i got online and the selection isnt much better unless you¬†want to buy¬†clothes for around $60 each.

Plan B: Make my own. I am scavenging any and all patterns i can find that are slightly interesting and plan on trying my hand at making clothes. I have only done super simple things before so it will be an adventure. Im also planning on selling them in my store on Etsy, more on that to come. I plan on using fabrics that will move with bub and not restrict him and also not be covered in trucks or dinosaurs.