Week 8…again

Ok so those playing along at home will know that when I went to get my dating scan I got put back a week booo but now I’m actually at 8 weeks, yay!

Symptoms: Morning sickness, I haven’t thrown up but tend to feel dodgy everyday. Major food aversions including, eggs, milk, icecream, chocolate, pork, cheese, anything sweet and anything rich. Basically its a guess every¬†meal as to what I can eat. Loving spag bol, dumpling soup, soups, crumpets with peanut butter and jam. I am struggling to drink enough that my pee isn’t dark yellow so I assume this is because bub is growing so fast that most of my fluids are going to its amniotic fluids and less to me.

Baby: 1.5cm, has hands and fingers and toes. (This is my bub at 6weeks 3days)6weeks

The major thing this week is that in considering stopping the vitamins. I didn’t take them yesterday, felt ill up to lunch time them felt better than I have in a while. Took it today and 30mins later I felt sick. Seems silly to me to take something that will make you feel more sick…Some of the other ladies in my group agree and one said that she has three kids, she took vitamins with the first and got really sick, didn’t take them with the other two and was fine, as were the kids. So as much as I want happy healthy kids surely not feeling sick so I can actually eat right is better than feeling sick and eating like crap?? I’ll trial it this week and see if it helps, maybe I can switch to a milder vitamin like a kids gummy ūüėõ One girl said she is taking Barocca…

Also I believe I am due for another Thyroid blood test this week. I cant remember as last time I was at my GP she gave me a heap of scripts and I didn’t really look at them ūüėõ

Ooo also we get our recliners this week! Our current lounges are free ones, salmon pink leather, ew. so the recliners are dark grey fabric and im sure ill love them when my ankles start to swell ūüôā Am also excited as today is Dec 1st so I get to start Christmas decorating!


Week 6

Its week 6 people! Had my first visit to the GP yesterday and got leached (blood tests). I always hate them because im hard to get blood out of but i let her know that last time they just tapped the big vein so she did the same thing and was fine. I thought she would order a dating scan but didnt so i dont get my first scan until 10weeks when they check for downs.

Symptoms: Light nausia between breakfast and lunch. Nose bleeds, had a fluttering feeling    which is apparently my uterus expanding. Gas, bloating, tired.

Baby: Size of a bean today and starting to grow, ears, nose, eyes, veins and lungs and arm and leg nubs. Still considered an embrio rather than a fetus.

Im still not sure this is all real. My BD asked if the doctor confirmed things when i was there and i told him that the at home test is the same as theirs so I was confirmed from that first test a week ago.  The blood test will tell me my hormone levels. I think they should be up around 2000 at this stage. Will also check for my imunisation imunities like Measles, reubella and HIV. I chose to go public rather than private as friends have said they much prefered public and the cost is lower. I will have a private room at the hospital though i hope as i have insurance so it wont cost extra. Doc said my next appointment is at 10weeks so this time next month just before christmas when we tell the family. Will get a scan then too i think, i hope lol Then i think she said i go back then at 20weeks for another scan then the natal clinic at the hospital takes over my care.

On a side note i keep thinking everyone must be able to work out im preggers. Cant they tell? But then i think well i look 6months because of my weight already and i havent had any sickness so how would they know? I had lcecream with my sister last night and was sooo tempted to just blurt it out but restrained myself. For one she is having a mid life crisis as she just turned 30 last month. She is also having love life issues so i thought it would be poor form to tell her, also BD said not to tell till im 12weeks which is christmas.

Now to wait for my blood results to come back and then i have to wait a whole 4 weeks before my next milestone…Im not good at waiting ūüė¶