you know those times everything hits you at once and you wonder why you didnt plan ahead for times like these? Thats me this pay. I accidentily missed a phone payment over christmas and now i am overdue as i then got a double bill. Then i was finally approved to attend my course which gave me a week to pay the $430 course fee. Homestly why would they only give you a week?!? Then i realised the interest came off my credit card before i thought it would and is now over drawn, thats another $140 this pay! Deep breaths. Not to mention rue had a fever over the weekend and we realised our third thermometer in one year is broken. Thats another $60 this fortnight i dont have money for. 

Whats my plan? 

  • I paid half the phone bill last pay and the other half (overdue) will be this pay
  • Can afford half the class fees and will have to pay the other half (then overdue) next pay.
  • Creditcard has to be paid this pay.
  • Thermometer has to be purchases too. Babies health comes first.
  • Oh and have three weddings coming up in the next two months. New dress will just have to wait! 

This leaves me with a tight budget of $100 for food. Hello pasta bake. And with a transfer of my last $80 from my savings ill have a contingency of $100 for the rest of the fortnight.

This especially sucks because this weekend is the long awaited lifeline book fair which i budgeted $70 for but will now have to be under $20. Yes im still going, its only on twice a year and to get books at 50c – $2 saves me a fortune over the year. Fingers crossed i can get what i need within my budget.

Next pay wont be as bad, the second half of the course fees and possibly another phone bill then i should be free and clear of the biggies and get back on track topping up my savings and paying off those creditcards!!! 

I also cancelled a $30 monthly payment which i know isnt much but the less i pay in bills the more i can save. 

Deep breaths and tighten those belt buckles ladies! 



Oh yes. We all have them and we all struggle. No matter who you are at some point you have had to sit down and look at those numbers and see why they arent adding up. Well thats happened to me today. My BD got paid yesterday and i asked him for $90 to get a secondhand crib as my own pay is spent and i dont get paid again until next week. He couldnt afford it. I was shocked that two adults with well paying jobs couldnt find $90.

It occured to me that although we live together we have both been living as if we are single. Our money is our own, we each pay one weeks rent, i pay groceries and he pays electricity. Yet neigher of us as far as i know has anything in the way of savings. We are both living pay day to pay day. Especially with a child about to enter our lives we cant keep doing that. Its not maintainable.

So i sat down and worked out our weekly expences and worked out how much we would each need to chip in if we were to pay these out of a central account. It was more than i had thought. We would each have to deposit $367 a week to cover everything. This isnt including car or phone charges which we each pay our own. As we both earnt the same amount this does leave a nice amount for personal use but not alot for savings. I personaly have debt, about $6,000 and would love to get that paid off but i also have to buy my car out which has been on a lease which ends September for $5000 so have to save that amount too. The option of earning more isnt on the cards as im at the top of my field unless i go back to uni and BD is earning his max unless he goes back on the highway and is away for 3/4 of the week which i dont want him to do. Added to this its high time we owned rather than rented a house. I have owned one before with my sister but it was an investment property notĀ a forever home. To get one we have to save atleastĀ $40,000 for a deposit. And thats for a cheap house! Short of winning the lotto i just dont know how anyone does it!

Im trying to save money by canceling my old phone which will lower my bill by $70. I try and buy homebrand food and not throw anything out. I am buying second hand furniture for bub. But i think the issue is that im not saving the difference. If i save $170 on a carseat i should be putting that $170 into savings but instead im using it to buy lunch everyday. Parking alone at my work costs $11 a day which is $110 a pay. We have foxtel and internet which comes to a combined $120 a month so not out there but i pay these things, not BD.

I know it sounds odd but i actually think i can save quite a bit of money once baby comes. I wont be working so can eat lunch at home and not driving will save me petrol and parking money. So by being at home i think it will save me $200-$300 a fortnight. My biggest challenge will be saving that money instead of spending it.