Harry potter and Mrs Weasley

Anyone else obsessed with Harry Potter. I go through phases where i cant get enough. Right now is one of them, im watching all the movies and even re reading some of the books. But i think what i love most is the Weasleys. I just love everything about them, their house was the ramsackle garden. All the kids, the fact that they are poor but still so loving and fun. Mrs Weasley often inspires me to clean the house or cook a better meal for my family.


I think what i love about this series are a few things. Firstly it really speaks to how i want to live, i love fireplaces, cooking, handmade. But i also love how this was a woman down on her luck who wrote a childrens book and is now a multi millionaire who i read makes $8 a minute! Being an author myself i often read the books and want to get back into my writing but i know that chances of me writing something so wonderful are slim. I got into the books after the hype over the fourth one, where people lined up for days to get it. I admit, after that i took the day off work when ever a new one came out. I went to kmart at 9am to get my copies, people would line up at book stores and wait hours, kmart had 2000 copies so i could just walk in and grab one lol. I wish i could go back and read them all for the first time again. And i cant wait until the new movie comes out next year, Fantastic beasts and where to find them. Apparently will be a three part series, whoo hoo!


I will of course be reading them to Rue when he is older. Maybe about 5yrs old for the first one then ill wait until he is older for the next as they get a bit ‘adult’ the further they go. Ill aim to finish them by the time he is maybe 12-14? Let him grow with the characters 🙂 And of course he will be reading the books before he sees the movies. Because the books are way better 🙂



A little about me and this blog. I started this as a way for myself and other first time mumma’s to share something of the experience. My boyfriend and I decided to give this parenting thing a go nearly two months ago. Im not pregnant yet but hoping to be soon. And lets face it, getting pregnant is half the adventure. Im terrible actually, i take a test pritty much weekly! The ones that i have are early detection so can test possitive after only one week rather than the normal ones which can only detect after 14days. I have looked up the chances of me getting knocked up and frankly im shocked anyone manages it. I lay an egg once a month and it lives for just 24hrs. Its not all bad news though, apparently his little swimmers can live from 1-3days so as long as we are doing it 2-3 times a week we should be all set.

As to knowing if you are knocked up apparently symptoms dont show until you are about a month along. These are actually the same symptoms you get when you are about to get your period so mother nature is quite mean, you expect a baby and get your period, thats just mean lol But right now my nipples are quite sore which is a symptom but also something i get when i go off the pill because my hormones go crazy. I have to wait until payday this thursday to test though so fingers crossed.

As to how the decision was made. Well it went like this”

Me: When are we going to have babies?

BD (Baby daddy): When you stop putting those pills in your mouth.

Me: Fine ill go off them today

BD: Fine

Me: Fine

Yeah we have an interesting relationship haha. Then just to double check we had another conversation that afternoon”

Me: If i go off these and get knocked up and you turn around and say you were only joking ill have to kill you.

BD: *laughs*

So it was settled. I stopped them that day and according to the packet was fertile the next day. I then had my period twice in a month though so no idea where im at in my cycle 😛 Heres my bio:

Name: Lets call me Jaz

Age: 28yrs old

Body: 110kg and 5’6. Doc told me to lost weight to have a bub so im trying to eat well but no loss yet…

Background: Im a librarian and grudgingly staying in my boring government job so that i can get maternity leave (Whoot). My partner and I have been together only 7months but have lived together for 4 of those and known each other since College when he dated my bestie…i know right. We are both at the age (he is 31) where we want kids and are prepared to take the risk to get them. He had 5 neices so i know he is great with kids. I have always wanted to be a mum and cant think of a better time to take the leap.

As for the baby. Twins arent out of the picture. Both of my grandparents were twins although no one since has had them. And the BD has cousins and grandparents who are twins but again no one since. His parents have 5 grand daughters and no grandsons so they are counting on us for boys lol My family consists of me, my older sister and a younger brother but with no kids yet (much to mums displeasure). I previously worked in childcare so know how hard it can be to look after kids but i loved it. My kids will be reading harry potter and Tamora Pierce i assure you. I have already been looking at Etsy and baby shops for the essentials and am trying to make good decisions on long life items. I know im not preggers yet but there is no harm in looking, right?