The statistics

Can you tell the theme of the next two weeks. When will bub arrive!? I have been googling, I know a dangerous habit, the different factors for going over or under your due date. ImageSo far it looks like despite people saying most first time mums go over their due date, that’s actually not right. Its more that second and third time mums are less likely to go over. Does that make sense? FTM are 64% likely to deliver on or before their DD.  Only 36% go over and only statistically by one week. From what I can see the majority of babies are born between 39-40 weeks. So according to this I have about a week to wait…BUT as I have said before I have two due dates. My last menstrual period (LMP) date is 4th July. Which makes me more likely to have bub this week. The reason they changed it to the 13th was that my first ultrasound put it back a week and a half. Im not convinced its accurate as I would have gotten a positive home pregnancy result way before the box says its possible. My MW said that they usually go by the LMP but as I had already applied for leave from work based on the 13th (Didn’t see the MW until 12weeks) she would record that as my official DD. Having said that when I went for my last ultrasound two weeks ago I couldn’t help but notice it said that I was measuring 37+5weeks when I was actually 36+3.

I also looked up if GD makes for earlier deliveries. Apparently no, but there does seem to be a high rate of doctors recommending induction for GD patients around 37-38weeks. I don’t want to be induced as I am not a fan of needles and drugs or gods forbid a C-section.  Apparently having GD also doubles your chances of getting pre-eclampsia. I hadn’t heard that, its amazing how different doctors tell us different things. A heap of other women were also told that GD causes babies lungs to be under developed, which the rest of us weren’t told…I always take things I find on the internet with a grain of salt but apparently when the other women in the BabyCenter group asked their doctors about the lung thing they confirmed it. Maybe they only mention it on a need to know basis?

In other news. I bought a second hand baby sling for $15 yesterday because we aren’t using a capsule and the pram still hasn’t arrived, so its a bit of a plan B. I have heard they aren’t the best and its about 50/50 those who like them but I needed something! We also got a heater for the nursery but after testing it last night the room only got to 16deg with it closed off and the heater on high for a few hours. That’s not going to be warm enough. Its a small room and the heater is a 5 bar oil heater which I have used in the past and its been really effective. So im testing it again today with the curtains closed. Im hoping I can get it up to at least 20deg. I can always warmly dress bub and it will only really be an issue at night when the main heater is off (its at the other end of the house so no point running it all night).



Natural labour

We have been talking about natural ways to go into labour. I have tried Raspberry leaf tea which if drunk 2-4 times a day does seem to induce cramps but I hate the stuff so don’t drink it often enough for it to have any lasting effect. I know walking helps so I try go for a walk around the shops occasionally but lets be honest I would rather be at home on the lounge.

I brought up Castor oil with my mothers group and several people were horrified that I would even consider it. Let me make this clear, it doesn’t hurt the baby. What it does is stimulate the bowel (makes you poop) which because its next to the womb it is said to stimulate it through the bowel if that makes sense? The same thing goes for eating spicey things or curry. If it stimulates your bowel it can bring on labour. Of course im still two weeks away but im impatient 😦

A lot of the ladies in my group are being given stretch and sweeps. Where basically the midwife inserts a finger into your cervix and sweeps it around to separate the membrane and encourage labour. Its quite painful if you aren’t already at least 1cm dilated and I honestly don’t know why so many are having it as none are more than 38weeks…It does seem like doctors are very eager these days to encourage labour rather than letting it progress on its own. I think nearly 20 babies have been born so far in my July group and about half were ‘encouraged’ so either with C-sections or induction. Seems a little excessive to me. And as much as I would like to go into labour right now, I would rather it happen naturally than when the doctor dictates it because its convenient. On the other hand knowing a time and place to go into labour would be fun 🙂

So for now im stuck with minor occasional cramps as my only sign of things to come…back to the waiting game.

Week 30 – 10 to go

Its been a very eventful week and not for a good reason. Firstly had my 30 week check up and found out that my GD result was actually positive but they neglected to tell me which means I have had diabetes for 3 weeks and haven’t been controlling it. They booked me in for the GTT (glucose tolerance test) straight away but my initial reading was so high after fasting that there was no need for the test. I have an information night tomorrow to get my blood sugar reader and diet plan.

Today however I had an OB app and was measuring 37 weeks! That’s full term which means that I can go into labour at any time in theory. She also told me that if my diabetes cant be controlled with diet in the next few weeks I have to go on insulin which means I have to go to the other hospital which is better equipped for bub but 30mins further from home and which I have never seen the ward.

All of this makes me really annoyed because if they had given me the results 4weeks ago when they got them then I could have been on a diet and bub wouldn’t have gotten so big. I now have to see the OB weekly and I have a growth ultrasound booked for next Friday. Even if bub isn’t as big as they think he will still be big which means I have a very high chance of not only going into labour early but of being induced or even having to have a c-sec which I don’t want. So it looks like I have a lot less time until bub is here than I thought. I think maybe 38 weeks at the most no matter what the outcome.

Also means that my initial birth plan is out the window. If they induce me I think I will need an epi as I have heard its a lot more painful and bub will be pretty big so I have a higher chance of tearing. The other outcome is a c-sec which means major surgery and for someone like me who has never been in surgery, or even had painkillers! Its a major deal and several weeks of recovery. Bub will almost definitely be in the NICU because of the diabetes and being born early. Not ideal but I will try and take the best combination of keeping bub in there to cook longer and also not getting so big that I am in danger. My ideal range is 35-38 weeks. In my mind that’s the best chance I have of a good balance.

Things that I now need to do.

  • I am finalising the nursery and getting everything sorted and ready to go.
  • I will be drinking raspberry leaf tea to get my body ready in case I go early.
  • I will let work know that I may not make it to my mat leave date at 34 weeks, so will be working day to day and ensuring things are finalised at the end of each day.
  • I will install the car seat.
  • Then I will move onto the rest of the house: Making frozen meals, organising the spare room for mums visit, generally making the house comfortable so I don’t have to worry about anything except bub.

In a better moment this week our twins mummy (from the facebook group) had her two beautiful girls. Born at 31weeks with steroids they are doing well and are both off ventilators and breathing by themselves 🙂