Erin condren year 2

It’s no secret that i love these planners. I just recieved my new one in the mail yesterday and have noticed a few things already. The first is that the paper quality is thinner. The second is they removed the notes section from the monthly pages which is annoying beause i bought stickers especially for that area.

The next is that i know alot of people complained about ink marks on the paper and sent them back. I checked and i have them too but seriously people who cares. 

I ordered a pen holder this year because they dont clip on well the the spiral.

I have also ordered a heap more stickers and even my first set of washi tape ( no one sells it near me). People have also been complaining about the colors but again i dont care about that at all. Seriously who goes oh i dont like decembers colors so i wont buy it. 

Now to start the long process of transfering everything into it. Yay!


Erin Condren planner part 2

after having some time to use my planner i thought i would do another review. Alot of people have gone crazy with theirs and i homestly dont know how they see anything they have that much cluttering up each day. I like a more basic approach.

Couple of cute stickers and some bill stickers. The doodles are from a recent staff meeting. I generally use the monthly pages rather than the weekly ones. I just dont do enough in a day to use the dailies. I have added a few of my own touches. I ripped out one of the note pages, cut off the pritty part, laminated it and used a coil clip to re attach it. I just use a sharpie and eraser to write on it. Now i have a moveable notes bookmark. I also made a smaller one that sticks out the top like a page marker. Great for quickly finding the current week.

My other addition is a weight tracker page i got on etsy. It had the holes already punched which makes it alot more sturdy.


I have a heap of cute stickers but not nearly as many as some people. All up i like the planner but cant say i get alot of use out of it. For its pritty factor i would buy another one, but for the price of postage (about $20-$40) i hope they eventually get an Australian office! I also think they should capitalise on extra pages for their planners as there is a roaring trade on etsy but the only offering on the Erin Condren website are extra covers…


Erin Condren planner

I got my planner. Well i actually got it a while ago but i wanted to use it before i reviewed it.

Firstly i got the basic planner with the collage cover. I love the pics and i also left a IMG_0272few blank spaces just to break it up a little. I think i will use the month to view the most as i can clearly see bills coming up. But when i get to work i think week to view will be more helpful for meetings and day to day info.

I got a sticker pack with my planner which are the $ ones and birthday ones. I have bought a few sticker packs from etsy since i got it and have to say i have been dissapointed in the quality. The bill due ones are way too small and i have another pack i havent used yet that im not happy with either so i may stick to buying them from the shop now so i can see them before i buy them. It also came with a smaller calender book and a contacts book that i wont use as frankly how many calenders does one person need and my contacts are in my phone…


Plus side

Because im dreading going back to work i thought i would think of some positives:

1. The gym is a 3min walk from my work so i can work out without taking time away from Rue.

2. I work in a major shopping center so have access to any shop i want in my lunch break. Not to mention a full food court.

3. Free printing and photocopying. My work allows this as long as its minimal personal use and not business use.

4. I love stationary so splurged and got myself a Erin Condren Life planner. I personalised the cover to be a collage of Rue. Cant wait until it arrives.

5. Adult conversation. The only people i really talk to now are BD and my sister. A bit more varied conversation will be nice.

6. More money. Its not much more after childcare but its enough that i can start getting on top of things rather than just making ends meet.

My aim is to get my credit cards down and my savings up before we decide to have another bub. Maybe a year or so. Maternity leave gives you enough money for bills and thats about it so having savings is a big help but it does get diminished at an alarming rate due to wanting to buy cute things for Rue 😛 All for this little man 🙂

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