Now what? Week 33 – 7 weeks to go

I made the decision to go on maternity leave a week early. Not because I hate work, which I do, but because I was having so many doctors appointments that it was getting silly to keep getting med certs when I could just finish up a week early. As I was leaving my colleague asked who was taking over my job, I said I had no idea, she got grumpy and complained that I should have given more notice because now she was going to have to do it. I would like to point out that not only has my leave been approved since JANUARY but that I covered for her for three weeks last month when she had to go overseas for a family emergency. Its not my issue that no one got off their butt to actually address the issue of who would be doing my job, I handed over as much of it as I could think of in the last few weeks. From there its up to management to deal with it. So now im officially off until April 2015! I say officially because im planning on having a new better job by then so I can quit this one.

But now I have the question of, what now? I have 7weeks until my due date. Assuming I make it that far that’s a fair amount of spare time! I will be cleaning the house of course so its organised and I don’t have to worry about doing it with bub in one arm. But the rest of the time? In the past when I have been on leave I love to bake. This time I have Gestational Diabetes so no baking for me. Its leaving me out on a limb! There is only so much online shopping I can do before it gets expensive! This will be my first full week off plus my first week in the last month with no doctors appointments, maybe. My fasting levels are still high so I have to ring the clinic tomorrow. Fingers crossed no Insulin needed! I have foxtel but have watched all the shows im interested in. Any recommendations, I like the cooking, gardening and home design type ones.

One thing that has sparked my interest in the last few days is that im actually a published author and the writing bug has bitten again. I have started a new book which I hope to work on while on leave. It was actually a career I thought would be great for when I had kids as I could work from home. I haven’t hit the big money yet and only make about $50 a quarter, no, authors don’t make a lot of money lol Until I hit the best seller list most authors need a day job. But it will get me through my mat leave I hope with some sanity. I ordered 3 books from Booktopia too which should be here next week or the week after. If you haven’t been on there yet, its about 30% off retail price so very worth it.

Oh and I cant remember If I posted but I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub is measuring perfect to dates. Here is his cute squishy face and a hand. My sister needed some explaining to see this is a baby and not a smudge. Can you see it? I was pretty excited that he actually looks like a baby now and not a blob ūüôā His hand is top left, nose and lips above that near the middle¬†and forehead in the middle right.Image




Maternity leave

I touched a little on this in my last post but the thought has hit me of whatthehellamigoingtodowith6weeksleave. Most of the things people have told me are for after bub is born. But for those 6weeks before then im going to be large, uncomfortable and bored out of my skull. People say to just relax and enjoy the free time before bub. So in other words you want me to sit on my ass and watch TV for 6weeks?? I dont really think they have thought that plan through. Most people would go crazy with boredom after a week.

Then they say well maybe im going on leave too early. This isnt true for several reasons, firstly i hate work with a passion so staying longer is not an option, secondly 34weeks is the latest i can legaly work for the public service, thirdly im already huge and tired and i think by 34weeks there is no way i will be up for lugging my butt into work or fitting behind a steering wheel. Other suggestions have been to organise the nursery, done, wash bubs clothes, done, clean the house, because that will take 6weeks??? Image

So here is a list of things that i have so far come up with for killing time productivley on mat leave before baby is born, hopefully it will keep me a little occupied.

  1. Clean the house (might take a day)
  2. Re organise linnen cupboard (a few hrs)
  3. Stock up on non-perishables to cut down on shopping later
  4. Think about baby proofing the house, ie things that will need to be moved or secured
  5. Pamper myself, facials, nails etc.
  6. Swimming (dependant on if my swimmers fit which is unlikley)
  7. Go for Coffee with other pregnant friends.
  8. Work out a few options for baby foods and test.
  9. Learn 10 new healthy recipes
  10. Make up snack bags for midnight feedings
  11. Wash both dogs
  12. Detail car
  13. Plant some herbs or edibles in the garden (im renting so this will be limited)
  14. Organise the spare room for when mum comes to stay
  15. Rearrange kitchen cupboards
  16. Catch up on Supernatural (im up to season 5 of 9)
  17. Make more items for my Etsy shop.
  18. Knit
  19. Pregnancy yoga
  20. Set up baby gate to keep dogs out of loungeroom

I got to 20, it was a stretch but i got there. I will see how many of these get done but at least if i get bored i have a list planned out. Anyone else got a suggestion?


Maternity leave I assumed would be as simple as applying for annual leave. Nup! I am taking 12weeks mat leave at half pay. Then 4 week maternal leave which have to be taken at full pay. Then the 18weeks parental leave (PPL) from centerlink which has taken me three tries online before I gave up and printed the 69pages of forms. But PPL cant be approved before the baby is born and you submit another form and the birth cert then it takes another 3weeks after that for the payments to start, luckily I don’t need it for about 10weeks after bub. Then I found out that I have to be on leave without pay during PPL which means I don’t accrue annual leave which shot my plan of taking annual leave at half pay next year

Now comes the annoying part. Initially this all worked out at full pay to 6months. A colleague mentioned that I was taking a year off. I replied that no I was only taking 6months. She looked really confused and said that everyone had said that I was taking a year. I have no idea how this rumour started as I have only ever intended to take 6months and had told everyone that several times. I mentioned it to my manager and she said she thought I was taking a year…You might be wondering why this annoyed me. Well because its clearly completely made up. Someone has just decided im taking a year despite the fact that my manager had already approved my 6months and I had told everyone this and rather than listening to me when I told them 6months they listened to this other person

Now after the leave without pay incident I am taking 9months to try and stretch it out a bit. I told my manager this and she replied with, oh I thought you were only taking 3months…Honestly why do they bother asking how long im going to be off if they just keep making crap up and ignoring what I say. No matter how many times they ask me how long ill be off they just decide in their own minds how long I should be off and tell other people that. Spreading rumours in other words! Then we get those who tell me to take 5yrs off without pay, I tell them that no I need my pay check, they just say oh but you will want to be at home, folks think about these things before you say them. I highly doubt they could live with no job for 5years. So why assume that having a child makes things cheaper and just assume that I would quit my job. People can be so self righteous without even realising they are doing it. How about rather than commenting they listen to what I say when they ask and assume im not an idiot and have in fact thought about it some what and know what I want to do with my own life. They of course don’t know that I fully intend to quit at the end of my leave because the idea of going back makes me want to kill someone. I will be using my mat leave to find another job, possibly part time where I can earn an income and not hate waking up every day.</p>

Week 21 and hormones

Hormones. You think PMS is bad, imagine having it for 9months! Monday night i yelled at the dogs then burst into tears getting out of the shower. No reason. Then any time someone asks me to do something at work i feel like yelling at them to leave me the hell alone and let me do my job! Grrrrr I also burst into tears in Best and Less, while listening to the radio, and imagining going into labour on the loungeroom floor. Im a mess folks! My BD doesnt believe in hormones and just thinks im being a shit head, i mean homestly how can you not understand hormones, you cant make this shit up!

Symptoms: Heart burn and hormones. Kicking. Heavy feeling. Out of breath walking short distances or up a few stairs.

Baby: About 30cm long. Feudal height 22cm which is bellybutton height. Has got all the essentials and will start building his fat layer soon.

My friend finally had her baby last week. 7lbs Girl named Ariana. We are so excited for her, she already has a 4yr old son to another daddy. When he saw his sister he demanded to hold her than asked if he could sing to her and burst into a round of Old McDonald has a farm lol I love kids.

I am also considering doing a cert III in Children Services while im on mat leave. I wont stay where i am and the idea of coming back makes me want to cripple myself. Im not really interested in casual work but if i can get a position at a small centre maybe 3 days a week in the baby room that would work great as bub could get a place there with me and i would feel like i am actually accomplishing something each day rather than being asked to do meanial jobs that really dont need doing in the first place.

13 weeks until Maternity leave!