i just read a story about a woman who didnt spend any money for a year and saved $37,000. Im not saying i could do that because i have a family but the idea has intregued me enough to start a mini challenge. Can i go a year without spending money on things i dont NEED? I made a quick list of things i buy that i dont need and how much they are costing me a month:

  1. Coke zero. One bottle a day 4 days a week = $44 a month
  2. Breakfast 4 days a week = $76 a month
  3. Lotto ticket once a week = $24
  4. Extra groceries about = $400 
  5. Movie channel = $20
  6. Excess data on my phone = $50

If i saved just this i would have $614 a month or $7368 a year extra! Then there are the things i buy rueben that he doesnt need, new gadgets and magazines. I think i could save atleast $20,000 this year by not buying things that arent absolutley essential. 

Anyone up for a challenge??